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Random Sock Stuff

I have some Random Sock Stuff to talk about and Norma says that the 365 bloggers are being encouraged to create lists this month. I may not be blogging 365 (I like my weekends off!) but I am all for lists so here you go.

1. Sock Madness is about ready to commence. The divisions are posted and we used the last four winners of the Women’s NCAA Division 1 contests as inspiration for the names. There’s even sock yarn dyed especially for the 4 divisions.

2. Yesterday I finally finished test knitting for Sock Madness. I was forced to learn some new techniques in the test knitting process and I’m actually pretty happy about one of them. I can’t tell you yet what this technique is but I definitely will be exploring it further.

a sneak peek of the latest test knitting

3. If you aren’t completely sick of the whole Sock Madness thing you can read more about it over at The direct link to the article about Hillary and I is here.

4. Finally, Scout asked me to do a PSA and tell you all that sign ups for the next round of her sock club start on March 10th. You can read the details here.

5. That’s all the sock news that’s fit to print. G’day.

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  1. Socks are in the air, gaining in popularity and they are what we like to knit. It’s going to be the year of the sock…eh?

  2. Hey, you’re back! And you’re inspiring me to get back to socknitting, which I’d put down for a while.

  3. I hope it was short rows. ;^)

    I think Norma has my sock mojo. My current sock is stalled because I have the cardi love. How weird is that?!

  4. I always love hearing about sock news. Although I’m afraid maybe the timing of sock madness with a new spinning wheel is going to be more difficult than I imagined, since I had my spinning lesson last night.

    New sock techniques. Bring it on!

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