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Ten On Tuesday

This week’s Ten on Tuesday is

10 Things You’re Looking Forward to in the Spring

1. I cannot wait for the smells of spring. I know I’ll be plagued with sinus headaches but I don’t care. Bring on the mulch and the lilacs!
2. When spring arrives these won’t be little green shoots anymore but actual, genuine flowers.
3. No more heavy coats.
4. Taking my spinning wheel out on the deck for an afternoon of spring spinning.
5. Our annual hometown Civil War reenactment, Frank Harlow Day.
6. No more wood stove cranking 24/7.
7. Opening the windows! All the windows! The ones in the Jeep, the ones in the house, the ones in my office at work!
8. The return of the red winged blackbirds. I actually heard one on Sunday but I haven’t seen one yet.
9. Pussy willows. I’ll pick a big ole bunch and bring them inside.
10. Getting a pedicure. There just doesn’t seem to be a point to a pedicure in January, you know? But sandal weather will be here soon and the toes need to look pretty.

So that’s my list. What are you looking forward to in the spring?

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  1. 1) The return of migrating birds. Looking forward to waking up to birds singing- happened briefly before the premature DST.
    2) The smell of moist earth in the air- esp in the evening.
    3) Spring flowers- forsythia, tulips, daffodils, flowering crabapples and their sweet scent in the air and of course the lilacs!
    4) Spinning on the deck-ditto!
    5) The sound of spring peepers in my wetland woods.
    6) Opening my windows esp at night to hear the above sounds.
    7) The start of the Sheep and Wools! Spring is not complete without those!

  2. Oh, and not having to take off 5 layers of clothes before hopping on the scale at WW’s! πŸ™‚

  3. Vacation! We’re going hiking in the Grand Canyon, and I can’t wait! Guess that’s not a spring thing, but it’s the first thing I thought of, so I must be really looking forward to it. πŸ™‚

  4. All of the above. My first pedi is coming up on Saturday, we have 6″ of tulips and daffodils coming through the ground and yesterday my windows were open for a few minutes!

  5. I think Manise pretty much covered it. I too cannot wait for outdoor spinning. Oh, and a couple of my own:
    – Having the cats actually go out when I open the door instead of just looking at me with this expression that says “fix this weather immediately, human.”
    – Not having to change the litterboxes as often.
    – Barbecue.
    – Not having to bug Miss B to wear a coat. (What is it with kids and not dressing for the weather? Is it some kind of macho thing?)

  6. 1. Spring Break
    2. Sock Madness!!
    3. Flip Flops
    4. Capri Pants
    5. Spring Break
    6. Alpaca Shearing Day
    7. 5th grade graduation
    8. Knitting Retreat
    9. DFW Fiber Fest
    10. Did I mention SPRING BREAK?

  7. I’m anxiously awaiting the arrival of some COLOR on the landscape! Bloom, flowers, bloom. Also looking forward to all those summertime fruits and veggies.

  8. ……..sigh……..spring………

    Actually, I can smell Spring in the air inspite of the 7 foot snowbank outside my back door. πŸ™‚

  9. I am most looking forward to not being cold. All winter I am cold. My hands, my feet and my nose, even when decked out in wool I’m cold.

  10. Oh Carole…
    Pedicures in the winter are a MUST! It’s not for the show (though freshly painted toes are fun), it’s for the care and nurturing of the hand knit socks!

    Besides, it’s only in winter that I’ll let them do those extra designs on your big toe. I love having that secret silliness under the woolly socks and warm winter shoes.

  11. 1. No more winter coats
    2. Gardening
    3. Maryland Sheep and Wool
    4. Spending Spring Break with buddies
    5. Spinning outside.
    6. Reading outside
    7. Relaxing in the sun
    8. The Cherry Blossoms
    9. Seeing my Irises bloom again
    10. The smell of cut grass (even though it makes my allergies go wild)

  12. Oh,and pedicures know no season. Sitting in the massage chair, getting my toes done while I knit – with no kids, work, etc to bother me – pure heaven!

  13. Tulips! I want tulips! Yesterday was in the 50’s and sunny. I was so happy! The mountains are still pure white (which I don’t mind ’cause they’re so gorgeous!), but it’s a reminder that the snow isn’t over. We’re supposed to get more this weekend.

  14. Definitely the first robin sighting. I used to go down into the field and bring my Mum the first pussywillows I found, but that was awhile ago now.
    Anne in Calgary

  15. Oh, yes…opening the windows! And smelling grass cuttings. Getting the front porch settled and having my first morning coffee out there while I knit.

  16. Excellent list, especially #10. I look forward to spring flowers in general, cherry blossoms in Branch Brook Park, irises at the Presby Iris Garden, trees leafing out, bike rides, garden planning and gardening, asparagus, wardrobe rotation, sunlight when I leave the house and when I return, Easter chocolates from Bromilow’s.

  17. You’re going to hate this, but we’ve had spring here for quite some time. Personally, I look forward to an overcast day every once in awhile. I know, I need therapy.

    I am looking forward to my vacation next month in Cabo San Lucas.

  18. LOL.. My blog post today was about my younger son noticing the smell of spring. (OK, so he tends to notice a lot of smells that the rest of us don’t bother with, but this one was good!)

    I don’t spin YET, but…

  19. outside, outside, outside! riding my bike, knitting on the deck, gardening, and ditto on the lilacs. oh, and sunshine whenever i’m awake πŸ˜€

  20. Oh! I smelled a little bit of spring today… I think tomorrow will be even better!! Also stopped on my way home from work today to check out… a SCOOTER! And I saw a motorcycle on the road!

  21. Pretty much all of those (including the wood stove), and a few more:
    -The melting of the ugly, dirty snowbanks.
    -The return of color.
    -No more hauling wood or shoveling snow.
    -The return of the light (we got a shot of that with daylight savings, but I love the late evenings).

  22. Oh I just love pussy willows! I miss those and Japanese Lanterns and those beautiful silver dollar plants!

    Don’t’ hate me but I’d be thrilled if the weather calendar stopped today. Our weather has been cool, little humidity and tons of sunny skies! Spring here = HOT πŸ™

  23. Opening all the windows, that’s my favorite one. And if I spun, I think spinning on the deck would be too, but I’ll take knitting on the deck πŸ™‚

  24. All those things and more for sure! Do you really have little green shoots poking up? It’s all snow here still. The longer days feel good, but strange. I occasionally open windows on sunny winter days, because even though it is cold, the fresh air feels so good.

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