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Aspen Grove Shawl: Finished

It’s been over a week since I finished the Aspen Grove Shawl and it’s now been blocked and photographed for posterity. Here she is in all her glory on the back deck:


The shawl is a semi-circle rather than triangle. It’s comprised of 4 identical wedges to give it that shape and that made for an interesting knit.


The increases aren’t just on the edges and up the center, they happen between each of the 4 sections. The design grows from leaves to aspen trunks to the flora and fauna of the forest floor.


Ahhh, yes, beautiful leaves.


And crazy aspen trunks.


If you’ve ever seen an aspen grove then you know just what I’m talking about.


And seemingly simple feather and fan. Honestly, I had more trouble with this simple section of the shawl than I did with any other part. Apparently, I cannot count.


It’s a wonderful pattern and the yarn suited it perfectly. It’s light as a feather but provides wonderful warmth when I throw it over my shoulders.


I just can’t resist these glamour shots of the shawl all folded up. Glorious, I tell you. Just glorious.

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  1. What a stunningly beautiful shawl ! Such gorgeous knitting. Tou’ve made yourself awork of art. I’m sure you’ll enjoy wearing it for may years to come, surrounded by glowing beauty and compliments !

  2. I wasn’t going to check blogs today to focus on Zombie Madness, but I couldn’t resist seeing what you are up to.

    HOLY COW! That is stunning! I’m so glad my aching fingers managed to get me to your blog to see this. People will stop you in the street when they see it. Brilliant!

  3. That is some of the most gorgeous lace I have ever seen. I like the shape of the shawl. I need some lace like that on my needles. For now, however, the zombies are in charge.

  4. looks awesome! does it fit like a faroese shawl? i’ve got a feather and fan shawl on the needles, and i swear it makes me forget how to count too. i’ve ripped that back more than any other project ever. at least i can see some hope!

  5. Carole
    You will look lovely in the shawl. Stunning!
    Take a picture with you wearing it.

  6. That is one lovely shawl! It looks simply amazing blocked. In fact I may need to add this one to my queue! 🙂

    And it’s so funny, but I constantly screw up feather and fan too. It’s so easy to add (or omit) a yarnover (or a decrease.) Simple patterns can be much more challenging than complex ones if you let yourself become complacent! 😉

  7. I love that pattern. Mim did such a fantastic job with it. It’ll be the perfect weight for springtime jaunts outdoors. Which absolutely HAVE to be coming soon!

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