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Aspen Grove Shawl: Finished

It’s been over a week since I finished the Aspen Grove Shawl and it’s now been blocked and photographed for posterity. Here she is in all her glory on the back deck:


The shawl is a semi-circle rather than triangle. It’s comprised of 4 identical wedges to give it that shape and that made for an interesting knit.


The increases aren’t just on the edges and up the center, they happen between each of the 4 sections. The design grows from leaves to aspen trunks to the flora and fauna of the forest floor.


Ahhh, yes, beautiful leaves.


And crazy aspen trunks.


If you’ve ever seen an aspen grove then you know just what I’m talking about.


And seemingly simple feather and fan. Honestly, I had more trouble with this simple section of the shawl than I did with any other part. Apparently, I cannot count.


It’s a wonderful pattern and the yarn suited it perfectly. It’s light as a feather but provides wonderful warmth when I throw it over my shoulders.


I just can’t resist these glamour shots of the shawl all folded up. Glorious, I tell you. Just glorious.

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  1. Lovely, just lovely. So drapey. I would knit it too, but I already know that I can’t count, so I’ll save myself the angst and tranquilizers.

  2. I’m getting close! It is one of the prettiest shawls I’ve ever made and I love the shape and color, too. Nice job with the photos!

  3. I’ll chime in with “Gorgeous” too! The color is perfect- variegated just enough without eclipsing the pattern.

  4. You take my breath away! It’s perfect! My children used to have lunch on place mats that were laminated photos of aspens in fall – just like your shawl.

  5. Ha! You said you had nothing for today. That shawl is so gorgeous. I love the golden colors. I’ll have to go add this pattern to my queue.

  6. Wow… it’s gorgeous!
    I hadn’t wanted to knit this…. wasn’t tempted at all. Til now.
    My queue thanks you….

  7. It came out beautiful Carole! It still looks a bit intimidating for a lace newbie like myself but I might give it a try over the summer.

  8. It is really beautiful, Carole! I love the unique construction. The variegation of the yarn makes it look like the sun is shining through the leaves of the aspen trees onto their trunks in the aspen grove.

  9. That is just gorgeous. I’m just not so much a triangle person, and prefer the rectangles, but you might have just sold me on a semi-circle. Lovely!

  10. Beautiful…and so nicely done as well. I am itchin to start mine now that I have seen yours and Margene’s but I think it is going to be my summer knit 🙂

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