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Pretty Things

Thank you all again for your kind words. I really do have the best readers! You all will be glad to know that we visited Dr. Al, husband of Blogless Sharon, yesterday and he says that everything is healing as it should be. It’s going to take time before his aches and pains are gone but we are very relieved to know that he is getting better.

So, let’s move on, shall we? I feel like there’s been way too much ugliness these last few days so how about if we look at some pretty things for a change?

Like spinning. Indigo Moon fiber in the perfect March Project Spectrum Color.

And new socks. Cider Moon Icicle in Avocado. I’m anticipating April’s Project Spectrum with this colorway.

How about some daffodils? No, they aren’t from my garden but they were table decorations at Randy’s birthday party. They sure make me yearn for spring!

And finally, Hannah. The prettiest thing ever.

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  1. Hello Hannah! Mom’s right ya know. I’m happy to hear all is going well. I know your family is one for having fun, now there will be a scar to prove it. I hope it quickly fades to a distant memory and that this turns out to be the very worst this year has to offer. On to the good things!

  2. We’re still waiting on daffodils to bloom here, too. It’s so good to hear that Dale is healing well and all that springy fiber soon is nice eye candy. However, you’re right about Hannah!

  3. Hugs to you and the family Carole!
    I had not popped in here at the blog in a couple days — but luckily Shae sent me an email all about Dale — ouch.

    Knit away it is always comforting.

  4. Hannah is BEAUTIFUL!! Your other things are too but she’s exceptional!
    Glad Dale is healing well…you guys need a weekend trip somewhere!

  5. That’s a terrific picture of Hannah! Did you take that with your new camera?

    Your spinning looks fabulous and so does your sock. I love that Avocado colorway (it’s perfectly named).

  6. Lots of beauty at your house. Your daughter is stunning! I noticed you didn’t include Dale’s stitches on the pretty list 🙂

  7. I covet that Cider Moon! Are they back in production, or did you go stash diving?

    Great pic of Hannah! Would she kill me if I said she looks like Brooke Shields? ;o)

  8. I’m impressed that Hannah lets you take so many photos AND post them. What an agreeable kid!

    PS — “Dr. Al, husband of Blogless Sharon” sounds like a sort of superhero identity 🙂

  9. There is something about youth that is always inexplicably lovely to me. Hannah has that and a natural prettiness that transcends her youthfulness.

    She’s also rockin’ some styling highlights. 😉

    I’m glad that Dale’s better and that you’re feeling more like yourself. You’re a very strong woman, Carole, so I understand just how much this must have shaken you to have the impact it did.


  10. I’m happy to hear that Dale is healing and doing well. :o)

    Beautiful spinning – and I love the colors in that sock yarn!

    Hannah is growing into a very pretty young lady. :o)

  11. Ooohhhh pretty spinning. I’m appreciating those photos more than ever now.

    Hannah is a doll! Keep a close eye on that one. Has Dale loaded the shotgun yet?

  12. I never realized that I liked daffodils until I bought some at the store. They were just stalks – or so it seemed…then after a couple of days – they opened up and were just gorgeous!!! I;ll buy them again for sure!!!

  13. wow hannah is so beautiful. she looks like a young brooke shields, doesn’t she?

    let’s hope she keeps something between her and her calvins though. *cough*

  14. Hey, what’s with the yearning? You have crocuses in your yard already. We still have snow.

    Lovely pix, although in my completely unbiased opinion Miss B could give Hannah a run for her money.

  15. She’s got a Brooke Shields vibe…but even prettier! I’m glad the week is much more non-eventful. You’ve had your quota. Spring is almost here!

  16. Lovely, consistent spinning and that sock yarn — pretty!

    Hannah is growing up! She and M are both going through that transition where we can now see how they’ll look in their 20’s. Pulls at my heart strings…

  17. I was awaiting shades of green, but not in the form of socks. Seriously, glad that Dale is doing well. Thoughts for his quick recovery. And yes, Hannah is beautiful!

  18. Hey, I’m sure happy to arrive when the pretty things are up to cushion the blows… between the injured hubby and the almost-burnt down house, I am sure glad things didn’t get any worse, dear friend:) I spent Easter weekend sick (yes, yet again!), but it was calmer than at your place… Tell Hannah her hair is lookin’ really good.

  19. P>S> in my sleepy haze, I forgot to say how delighted I am that Dale is on track with improving. that is very very good news.
    My Dad, (the MD) would most likely perscribe some advil, and a couple of hot toddies (huge grin). Give him a hug, and have him hug you back. We are so very grateful that it was not a permanent injury.

  20. I’ve been under a rock and therefore missed the harrowing saga of Dale’s injury. But thank goodness he’s on the mend!

    And you’re right about Hannah, she’s ridiculously photogenic. As is your Icicle yarn, sigh!

  21. Very pretty pretties! Especially that last one there 🙂

    Love your new socks! Lord I miss Cider Moon 🙁

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