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Observations of Spring

I haven’t blocked Dale’s sweater yet and even though I’m been busying myself by knitting some smaller projects I don’t have any knitting to show you this week. However, yesterday I had the opportunity to go to Boston for some library type meetings and while I was there I couldn’t help but observe some very obvious signs of spring.

~Young men were playing baseball on Boston Common
~The wind was pretty chilly but the sunshine was definitely warm. Gloriously warm, in fact.
~We stopped for a beer on the way home and they had Sam Adam’s Summer Ale on tap.
~While at this bar we watched the Red Sox playing baseball
~And ate cherrystones. Even though we’re lucky enough to have cherrystones year round, well, they just make me think of warm weather.
~Finally, and perhaps best of all, when I got back in my car at the end of the day I heard spring peepers. To be fair, I did hear them last week but they were rather faint. Yesterday they were peeping their little hearts out and that was surely music to my ears.

Those are my observations of spring from this little corner of Massachusetts. What are you observing where you are?

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  1. I had to look up cherrystones to see what you were eating. πŸ™‚ How are they usually prepared – fried? Yum!

    Some of my observations… I’ve been hearing the owls at night and I don’t remember hearing them this winter. My lilac has buds on it this year and we’ve been eating asparagus from our garden. I’m so happy for spring!

  2. – I finally have crocuses.
    – The two brothers across the street have been playing catch.
    – Miss B starts soccer next week, and has already been practicing in our front yard with her dad.
    – We argue nearly every morning about whether her clothes are warm enough. (Yesterday she was late for the bus, and I was forced to let her wear flip-flops. Clever.)
    – The noisy woodpecker has returned to its favorite tree.

  3. A sure sign of spring for me? The sore throat, the itchy eyes, the drippy nose. Oh woe is me! πŸ˜‰ I just hope they let me have my allergy shot today because it’s the last buildup shot and then I get to drop back to once every 6 weeks. Next year spring may be a good deal more pleasant, I can’t wait!

  4. We have crocuses, the daffodils and tulips are coming up. My favorite sign of spring – there were bunnies in the backyard the other afternoon!

  5. We are fully into spring and nearly into summer. High humidity has returned. The lawn needs to be mowed each week. Wildflowers are everywhere.

  6. Well, we’ve heard some birds. There is a woodpecker nearby who is REALLY CALLING for a mate! Heh. And yesterday was one of those days that looked like it was going to be gloriously warm if you were inside looking out, but when you went out, you froze your nose off!

  7. snow……..but there are peeks here and there of grass and definitely more birds, even if they are waaay up in the bare trees.

  8. Yep, I’ve heard the birds, but I’ve also heard something else, something far more indicative of the warmth to come: The ice cream man!

  9. hahaha! Ahh, the true sign of Spring in NH? My in-laws dog got a tick while in my yard (which is still covered in snow, btw!).

  10. Cherrystones, beer, and Red Sox! I love living in New York, but I do miss Boston. Luckily, Nick is a Red Sox fan, so we don’t have any Yankees nonsense. We’ve seen crocuses and snowdrops at the park.

  11. in north Florida the azaleas and dogwood are just about finished blooming, oak pollen season is in full swing – our cars are all yellow, summer resident birds are arriving, the humidity has gone sky high and I cleaned the air conditioner and turned on the fans yesterday. With luck we’ll have one more month before the air conditioners get turned on full time! Sometimes I wonder if I miss the northeast or not.

  12. Summer Ale, already?! Yummmm. The signs of spring in my home is the cats waking me up as soon as the birds start chirping – which is 4:30am. Ugh!

  13. Let’s see, signs of spring in Michigan….well, the snow has stopped, the songbirds have switched to their spring/summer call, the snowpiles are getting smaller, and I finally have some crocuses up. Sadly, the first one that bloomed was eaten by a squirrel right in front of me, but I am not bitter. Much.

  14. My daffodils have finally started blooming, and we’ve noticed birds around here building nests and settling back in. Good signs, for sure!

  15. Every morning when I take the dogs out in the yard I notice more blades of green grass. I also notice that I am sneezing more too. Damn allergies. But my favorite sight I saw this morning. There are buds on the lilac!

  16. Sunshine!!! And, more sunshine (more often)!!! There are buds on some of the plants in my hedge.

    What are Cherrystones? Can’t you tell I’m not a born and reared New Englander!!

  17. Last weekend at the house in Vermont I saw a single piece of bright green crabgrass poking through the ashen road sand that’s covering our lawn. Yay spring!

  18. The cherry tree is in full blossom! Unfortunately Saturday’s blizzard-like storm broke a huge branch. The good news is that having it on the ground made for good photo ops Sunday morning. I posted my fav on my blog.

    Happy April!

  19. I’ve never heard of cherrystones and I grew up in Michigan! Hmm.

    Spring – it’s raining today and the worms are on the sidewalk and robins are hopping around trying to get them. I love that. πŸ™‚

  20. The daffodils are long gone and now there are iris, roses and the day lilies are coming up. And verbena that will continue to bloom its heart out all summer. The birds never left us.

  21. peepers? you heard peepers!? This morning was the first morning the birds actually woke me up before dawn. Spring is coming for sure.

  22. Summer Ale and a Red Sox game? Can’t get much better than that.

    And I have to admit that Cheryl’s comment had me laughing out loud. Mostly because I giggled when I read that whole “young men” thing, too πŸ™‚

  23. What are cherrystones?

    Wisteria everywhere, all the trees are leafing out, California poppies and wildflowers all over. Plus the shirtless cross country runners from the high school. Yeah, it’s spring here in NorCal. *L*

  24. Okay, I’ll admit my ignorance. What are cherrystones?

    I can’t say that I really “see” signs of spring around here much. We had part of our lawn seeded in the middle of December and had little buds of grass growing a few weeks later so if anyone should be screwed up about the seasons, it’s me.

  25. uh….
    the snow melted enough to see mud in spots
    buds getting bigger on trees
    the sun shines during the day
    i’m out of my mind with cabin fever πŸ™‚
    that’s about it for now. we still have another month before the snow is gone and spring graces us with her presence for a brief 2 weeks.

  26. Spring? I wish it were still spring! We are practically into summer already down here in the Deep South. Most of the flowers have bloomed and died back. The air conditioner has been running for a month. Today at work, I felt the year’s first stream of sweat pour down my back and into my underwear.

    I can’t wait until Fall!

  27. Spring peepers! I’ve only heard them a few times and have never, ever seen them. I love how as soon as you look for them, it gets suddenly quiet.

  28. Spring is much further along here, with fruit trees in bloom and lots of people wearing sandals, even though it still freezes every night. There is a lot of bird activity, too. What a fun list you came up with.

  29. I do miss peepers out here in CO. A sure sign of summer was the whippoorwill, and wonderful late summer evenings brought the veery. (I love the veery…)

  30. sounds like the time is getting closer when it’ll be “top down’ on the jeep (isn’t that you who has one of those?)

    signs of spring here are the tulips bulbs growing – and a friend even said she saw a hummingbird. (I haven’t yet). Tomorrow it’s supposed to rain and hail some – ahhh.. the confusing spring in the Pacific NW>

  31. I love spring peepers! They are my personal official sign of spring. They won’t be waking up here for a few more weeks, though.

  32. I see the little wild flowers and the sandhill cranes which in Florida you can only see them in the spring with their little ones. Although I moved now to Texas that’s what I remember and I got to see before I moved. The house I moved to has a lot of big trees so there’s plenty of birds singing all day, and the weather is just perfect. =0)

  33. Greetings from Tokyo. It is cherry blossom season here. The parks are filled with hanami(cherry blossom viewing)parties. School children are on Spring Break. My DH has planted pansies on the deck for me.

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