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Random Wednesday

First, go buy some Can-Do yarn from Heather.


You’ll be helping a great cause and getting some really beautiful sock yarn in the process. Can-Do. It’s a win-win.

Second, I get to tell you that Leslie honored me with a Blogging With Purpose award last week. I was really flattered because Leslie’s blog is one I have read since before I started my own blog. She’s got wonderful crafts and photos and I really enjoy what she has to say. So, now it’s my turn to offer up this award to 5 blogs that I think are purposeful.

Alarming Female – for raising my consciousness
Lolly Knitting Around – for her inspiring colors and photographs
Beadlizard – for her principles about healthy and natural ways of living
Habetrot – for her amazing postcard collection and wicked sense of humor
I’m Knitting As Fast As I Can – for her technical knitting prowess

Also, I have a new toy. And it’s red. Very very red.

Finally, I just couldn’t resist taking this test. Not bad, eh?

100 words

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  1. HUNDRED!?!?! Wow! My mom says that back in the day she was clocked at 120. Yikes! Wicked cute cozies, one looks like I’d be happy with it as a hat! And great looking sweater (and fabulous background too). Funny about ‘fits like a shirt’. I don’t get that, dh here wants a sweater to fit over his t shirt, his flannel shirt, and sometimes another shirt… so that means XL (and long too). Maybe that’s one of the reasons I haven’t finished his sweater!

  2. So colorful today! Glad you got a nod, it’s well deserved! Very cool toy and nice stash addition, bet that’s going to knit up really nice! ah, I don’t do typing tests, I’ll hold on to my dignity there 😉

  3. What a cool phone!
    I’m looking forward to checking out your list of bloggers with a purpose. There are a few that I don’t know.
    Tried the typing test. I’m impressed with your score. Mine was not so impressive.

  4. 100 words?? Whoa! Now I feel really slow. And I have more blogs to read (I already read some but not all of those).

  5. I type 120 words/minute. that typing class I was forced to take b/c my “occupational education” didn’t include home ec, typing or cooking (requirements for girls. ahem) was kinda worth it. I was able to make money in college typing papers. At work, I am able to enter data fast and work up reports very quickly.

    tell me how you like the Palm– I am needing to release my Blackberry into the wild. 🙂 The price per month (via At&T) are too much.

    hmm…blogging with a purpose…. good idea!

  6. I took the test…got 94 words per minute. Sweet. 🙂 Do you have any ideas for a beginner lace project? That’s the next technique I want to tackle, since I’ve now tackled cables. 🙂

  7. Congrats! That’s a great honor. I’m kind of surprised – I totally expected a mention of your Lady Vols victory.

  8. Hmph. I got 79wpm with 0 errors. I’m better than that on the computer. I need to take it again.

    Fun yarn and coooooool phone! I’m SO all about red!

  9. Hmph. I got 79wpm with 0 errors. I’m better than that on the computer. I need to take it again.

    Fun yarn and coooooool phone! I’m SO all about red!

  10. Congratulations on having your blog selected! Yikes, I only typed 65 wpm with 2 errors (one of which was the word “at!”). I obviously need to practice.

  11. 100 words per minute?? whoa. how cool… as for me? errr, not even gonna attempt it. I’m a two-finger -charlie on the keyboard.
    Congrats on your award. How fun!

    And that new phone? sigh… it looks wonderful – and a little overwhelming all at once (with all those buttons)

  12. Wow! 100 wpm? That’s what I typed in high school, but I doubt I’m that quick anymore.

    I’m off to go look at the blogs you linked to. I love seeing new blogs!

  13. Like Teyani, I am also a two-finger Charlie.

    And I already have two skeins of Can-Do!

  14. Thanks for the linky, Carole! I likes the red phone–it goes nicely with your blog color scheme.

    About that 100 wpm, are you saying you can type that with your thumbs on your new red phone? 😀

  15. I am so very jealous of your new toy!! A little part of me regrets getting that Blackberry when I have so many Palm OS programs…*sigh*

  16. Thank you! Guess I should blog about the local vegs and fresh bread we’re eating instead of about the two pints of coffee ice cream I had yesterday?

    Used to type 100+ wpm. Too chicken to check now, though I’m probably faster. It’s all those years of Hanon and scales — when your grandmother is the town’s piano teacher, such things are compulsory.

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