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Tea for Two

I don’t know about you but when I finish a major knitting project like a sweater I like to knit a few smaller things before undertaking something major again. This time around the smaller things were tea cozies. Two of them.


Aren’t they sweet?



The red one is the Kureyon Kozy from Simple and quick and just the right size for this small Brown Betty tea pot.



The green one is Tea Cozy from the book One Skein Wonders by Diana Foster. This one is a little more complex to knit but still very simple and fits my larger tea pot perfectly. The yarn is Tahki Donegal Tweed and I used just one skein. Funny how that’s just what the book promises.

They are just what I need to compliment my new obsession with tea. And I blame that entirely on Ms. Knitting the Blues.

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  1. Your tea cozies are so cute! I also like to knit a smaller project between the big ones. Mine are always socks though.

  2. I just can’t stay away from adagio dot com. YUM! What color way did you use for the red pot (I’m assuming it’s noro)

  3. Those are both so cool. Suddenly, I too feel the urge to knit tea cozys which makes no sense since my tea is almost always iced.

  4. Very cute. Have you seen the Tea Cozy knitting pattern book that came out last year? If you are feeling ambitious, there are some rather unique and challenging patterns in there.

  5. I love the idea of tea cosies, but I rarely make more than a single mug of tea. My poor teapot is sadly neglected most of the time.

  6. Must. Make. Cozy. I love tea – and from viewing Terry’s Tea Stash recognized some of her teas from my own stash, so I know a pot o’ tea can be critical to get one through a cold evening of knitting. So – How? How, I ask you have I missed such an adorable pattern?!?! I daily find ways that knitting has further enriched my life! Thanks for today’s enrichment. Now – must knit.

  7. They are absolutely adorable! Ms. Tea is responsible for my ‘needing’ to have a Blue sheep teapot… even though I had at least three when I got it a few years ago. She’s a dangerous woman!

  8. Sweet cozies .
    And I am completely in agreement with you about having a smaller project for a break between big ones. These certainly look fun.

  9. And great tea cozies, too! See, as if the tea isn’t enough all by itself, there are all these neat things we can get and do to make it more fun! Love it.

  10. That is such a great pattern, isn’t it? I’ve knit a few of those cozies, and they are great “in between” projects. Lovely, once again, Carole!

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