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I have another small knitted project to show you. That makes for knitting content three days this week. Can you believe it? I know. Me neither.


They are the Spirogyra fingerless mitts from


The pattern is well written and very simple. It’s easy to modify the length to suit your needs which makes it adaptable for anyone. For instance, I did 30 repeats for the wrist portion so the length is halfway between the two sizes given in the pattern.


Now don’t fall over or anything but I made them with some of my very own handspun. It’s Spunky Electic coopworth in the color Nightshade. They are a wee bit scratchy but they were the right weight for the project and that was enough for me. And actually, they can’t be too scratchy because Hannah wore them for these photos and she didn’t complain. Delicate flower that she is, that’s saying something.


They will come in handy for reenactments and such this spring. Assuming it ever stops raining and we actually get a spring.

How ’bout that. I made yarn and I made mitts. Will wonders never cease?

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  1. Love them in your handspun!! Beautiful! We’re supposed to hit 70 today! Woohoo!! I hope you get some warmer weather up your way soon.

  2. Of course they are just gorgeous. i love that color. it definitely works well with the pattern. i will be thinking clear weather for you, if you can think clear weather for this weekend in the midwest.

  3. They look really great. Nightshade is one of my fave colors of the club. Spring is coming to SLC this weekend. I hope it comes your way soon!

  4. You’ve got me thinking. I don’t currently havy any fingerless mitts; I do currently have a skein of handspun calling to me; and my daughter’s softball season is starting (Vermont spring = sunny and 45 degrees).

    You do the math.

    Yours are lovely and inspiring.

  5. I love seeing knitting out of handspun. Gorgeous and very industrious. Here’s hoping to great reinacting weather! We all love those reinacting photos. 🙂

  6. Very pretty! That’s what handspun is for — beautiful small projects. (Says she who is contemplating spinning for a sweater …)

  7. Hi! Your yarn and mitts are great. I, too, can’t wait for reenactment to start as I love to see your pictures and the period dress. Have a great day. sandy

  8. Very pretty. I like the color a lot – but, then I would…those are my shades. I’m going to have to look up that pattern to see how it is knit. The fingerless mitts I am now knitting are knit from side to side as opposed from bottom to top.

  9. so cool, so cool. the yarn fits the pattern really well. must feel good knowing you made the yarn and the mitts. i’m jealous 🙂

  10. I really like the way your colourway and the slight texture of your handspun worked up in that stitch pattern — pretty. How much does the pair weigh?

  11. Wahoo!! I am so glad to see you use some of your handspun… and I know these will go well with a few of your re-enactment outfits. Great job:)

  12. Gorgeous Carole – love how the striping came out in your spinning! Have a nice weekend – maybe the sun will shine? It’s been raining quite long enough here and they’re suggesting that IT COULD SNOW TONIGHT! Ugh.

  13. I was totally ‘wow’ing about the pattern, and of course the lovely color, but your own yarn?!? WAY COOL! Bloglines is doing something very odd with you for me tonight. I click on your blog, and instead of opening in the right side pane, it opens a second feeds list, and a third, etc…. I even opened bloglines a second time, same deal. Just me? Anybody else? Do you know this quote? I have no idea where it is from, but db (before dh) used to say it to me… “how now friend owl, change your long expression, this is a SPRING rain” (or something along those lines)

  14. They are fabulous, we are heading into winter now and I was just commenting the other day that I need fingerless mitts. I’m going to be following suit and making this one- though I won’t be using my own handspun.

  15. That IS wonderful. I think that the scratchiness factor varies depending on whether you were it on neck skin, hand skin, or foot and ankle skin.

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