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Avocado Socks

I found something rather unusual in the garden the other day. Wanna see?


Can you tell yet what I found? Let me see if I can coax them out.


Is that better? Can you see them now?


Ahhhhh. There they are in their full glory. A pair of socks. Whaddya know.


Truth be told, I hauled ass to finish these this week so that I’d have something to post about today. It was totally worth it, though, because I love these new socks. The yarn is Cider Moon Icicle (tragically no longer available) and the pattern is my basic 64 stitch sock recipe.


They are perfect for Project Spectrum’s Earth component, too. I love the browns and greens together.


And they look great with blue jeans. Or daffodils. Take your pick.

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  1. In the first photo, the lovely sock looks like an enormous (friendly) caterpillar! Tiptoeing through the…jonquils?

    Gorgeous yarn! I have six skeins of Cider Moon in semi-permanent stash: five Glacier and one Icicle. I cannot bring myself to knit with it, because there won’t be no mo’. So, it’s pet yarn now. Is that weird?

  2. Fabuloso! Maybe I’ll take inspiration from the squill in my garden (now blooming in abundance) to work on some blue ones…

  3. I love that you are knitting in order to post. Isn’t that a little backwards? Cute socks – too bad the yarn isn’t available any more.

  4. Beautiful socks; I LOVE the colors! And will you look at those daffodils; I still haven’t had one open, but soon I think.

  5. Those colors are right up my alley. I adore them! 🙂

    It’s so sad about Cider Moon. I hope they can work out their legal issues and get back to making gorgeous yarn.

  6. They’re great – I love the green and brown. But I like ’em better with the jeans. Those first couple of photos look a little scary.

  7. yummy! those are my favorite colors right now. 🙂 the socks look great – i love a plain stockinette sock with tiny stripes – getting ready to cast on some for my Mom. 🙂

  8. Well, imagine that! Socks out in the garden! They did look like a caterpillar though…it’s funny how we each have one sock pattern that we just love!!! For me it’s Yankee Knitters Designs Classic socks for the family.

  9. And I thought the only avocados were here in California. 😉 Those socks look wonderful. The color combination is fantastic, although Cider Moon did have quite the talent for that.

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