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Primavera Socks

Thanks for all your well wishes for a great weekend for our living history. We had blue skies and lots of fun. I’ll have pictures and details tomorrow but today I have socks.


These are the finished Primavera Socks. They are for my May Day Sock Swap pal. The yarn is Trekking color 145. It’s very bright orange but my sock pal indicated orange as one of her favorite colors so I think I chose well.



brought this pattern – a free Ravelry download – to my attention and I’m so glad she did! It’s simple but entertaining and I found that it knit up very fast. I did substitute my usual heel and toe treatments rather than use the ones as written in the pattern.


On Thursday these socks will be winging their way to my sock swap partner. And I will be winging my way to Maryland Sheep & Wool. That’s right. I’m going to stay with Hillary. We’ll be touring DC on Friday and hitting the festival on Saturday. I’ll be back home on Sunday night – a whirlwind trip, for sure! But you know it won’t be so fast that I won’t remember to capture every little detail for you guys. It’s a tough job but someone’s got to do it.

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  1. Great Socks!

    Lucky you; not only do you get to go to MS&W, but you’re staying with Hillary! I’m sure you’ll have a blast. Are you counting the days?

  2. Love the socks, and love the subtle striping in the yarn. And I’m not an orange person, so you know you did a good job.

    At the moment I’m a pea-green person, thinking of you at MD. Having just been to CT, I should be content, but the odds of my ever getting to MD are smaller than the sts in my 120-st sock. Please do get lots of pix so I can live vicariously.

  3. Yay Maryland!
    Let me know if you need a local to help in any way.
    We are having drinks in my studio on Friday and I will be working the Cloverhill booth on Saturday in the morning!

  4. The socks are fab — of course you knew I was going to say that. Love Trekking, love orange. What could be bad?

    Have a great time in Maryland. It seems I can’t make any festivals this spring.

  5. i love these socks. so orange-y. i have some of that yarn in my stash too. (of course i do — heh heh)

    have a great time at MDSW. one day i’ll go.

  6. Wow! Great Socks!!! (especially for someone who loves orange, what a terrific colorway!)
    Have a wonderful time at MDS&W!!

  7. I’m so glad you had a great weekend. Your socks turned out great and I know the recipient will love them!

  8. Carole,
    I’m Ruby, a weaver, and friend of Norma and Judy (they posted photos of our lunch and my scarves on their blogs back in March, as did Margene). Not having a blog, I wasn’t sure where I should post a reply to your comment on Norma’s blog about vinca… Your comment section won: myrtle is another name for vinca. So, you’re right about thinking that Norma’s photo of vinca was myrtle! Early in the spring vinca blooms fairly prolifically with pretty little blue flowers. If you cut the runners, and put them in water, you can enjoy the blooms while the stems root, and then replant them. BTW, your orange socks rock! Ruby Leslie

  9. Oh, my, you fooled me! I had actually printed out that sock pattern, earmarking it for some hand painted yarn in my stash. I didn’t recognize it knit up in a more subtle yarn, but liked it enough to follow the link. Surprise!

    So you could knit it again and have a whole new adventure, Carole.

  10. Your socks cam out fantastic! I’m about 3/4 finished with my pair. It is really a fun pattern.

    MSW? how very fun!!! Wear your comfy shoes and have a blast. I’ve heard its so huge that it’s a tad bit overwhelming (in a good way)

  11. Thanks for the sock pattern – I just downloaded it and am going to cast them on tonight! I like patterns that can be memorized but still look intricate.

  12. Love those socks – any socks – in that yarn! Beautiful and sunny! Lucky lucky pal for sure!

    Have fun fun fun at MSW! Take lots pictures! :)! hehe

  13. Luxky May Day person – those socks are really nice!

    Oh, Have a lot of fun this week-end…I know you will – I have a feeling traveling with you can be great fun!

  14. Very nice! And love the color- I would be a very happy receipient if those sock ended up in my mailbox!

  15. I love the socks! I can’t say I am an orange person myself but then again when it comes to socks almost anything looks good. Have a blast at MSW; I so want to go to one of those one of these days….years!

  16. Those are beautiful Carole. I’m sure your swap pal absolutely adores them.

    I know you’ll have a wonderful time at MD Sheep & Wool, so I’ll wish you safe travels.

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