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Good Things

I had a really good day yesterday. I had to go to a meeting in the morning and, unlike a lot of my meetings, this was one where I could knit. That was good thing #1.

After the meeting we had lunch at a very nice restaurant. Not only did I have a delicious prime rib salad but I also had a beer. At lunch. On a Wednesday. That was good thing #2.

I had another very brief meeting to attend after lunch and then I headed for home. I was a bit of a ways away and rather than taking the highway back I took the scenic route. I saw beautiful fields of wildflowers, a stream where someone was fly fishing, lots of farm equipment, and a pond or two or three. I thought about stopping and taking photos at all of those places but I didn’t so you’ll just have to use your imagination. Everything was green and lush and springlike. That was good thing #3.

When I got home I headed to the cell phone store to see about activating my replacement Palm Centro. You see, my brand new phone had been acting up but since it was still under warranty I was able to get a replacement at no cost. When I got home I synced it up and found that all my content transferred quickly and accurately. That was good thing #4.

Last night at “quilting” I spun up a whole basket of fiber. It was soft and pretty and I filled a bobbin. That was good thing #5.

It’s important to stop and add up the good things now and again, don’t you think?

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  1. It sure is good to count ones “good things” up! It was a lovely day yesterday.

  2. Wow…you had a real “Martha” sort of day! I’m just waiting till Friday to start counting my “good things”…and have a beer.

  3. Thank Goodness for the Good Things Days! We can all use those once in a while. Or more often than that. 🙂

  4. Your day sounds so much better than mine! But my good thing for today is – thanks to a root canal, I no longer have a toothache!

  5. My day already has at least that many things gone awry, with a promise of more bad things to come, so your post is perfect — I will keep my eyes and heart open to the little positive bits and not dwell on the others. Thank you.

  6. Absolutely. And if we look hard enough, we can find any day to be a good day, dontcha think?
    Glad you found yours so easily, Carole!

  7. Thinking I wouldn’t have time to read Carole today but then finding time: Good thing number #1.

  8. ah yes, grasshopper… you speak the truth. and a good reminder to all of us.
    goodness abounds – glad your day was filled to the brim with it 🙂

  9. It’s always best to look for the good. You had a great day.
    Isn’t all the green amazing. Weren’t we just complaining about the l-o-n-g winter??

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