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Backyard Beauties

ETA: Hey everybody, I know comments have been wonky but I removed the flickr badge from my sidebar and rebuilt all the indexes. You probably have to hit “refresh” to remove the flickr bad from your end, too. I think it’s fixed now but I won’t know for sure until the comments start rolling in. Show a blogger some love, won’t you? Thanks!

Remember how I said I loved how I could find so many beautiful things to photograph just wandering around in my yard these days? I wasn’t kidding. Allow me to present, “Doo, doo, doo, lookin out my back door”

Peony Buds.
And blossoms.

Poppies. Well, one poppy. I’m glad it keeps coming back as this is the first one that hasn’t died off but a little expansion would sure be nice.

Daylilies. Still blooming profusely.

Geraniums in a pot on the deck.

Iris. There’s actually a really great iris shot but I’m saving that for tomorrow’s Eye Candy Friday.

So that’s what I saw in my backyard this week. What’s in your backyard?

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  1. Pretty pictures! There are cracks in the ground in my backyard, because we need rain so badly. The plants are too stressed to bloom right now.

  2. Great photos. Looking forward to tomorrow’s Eye Candy.

    My peonies are still tightly budded. My pink Kousa dogwood tree is coloring up, my bearded heirloom light yellow irises opened and then some fell in yesterdays rain- they now sit with some blue spiderwort in a vase inside. Other bloomers are clematis ‘Alabaster’ and ‘Guerney Cream’, your wonderful daylilies, blue columbine, rhododendrons (white and pink), celandon poppies and rosa rugosa. I love this time of year!

  3. Beautiful! My irises are blooming but don’t have as many flowers as last year. The peonies in my yard are pink and are starting to bloom.

  4. Beautiful! Yes on the Siberian iris, amsonia, clematis Dawn, clematis The President, the Kousa dogwood, hydrangea anomola petiolaris, end of tree peonies.

  5. For some reason, my poppies went mad this year and they are gorgeous – quadripled in number and size and very full – but they seem to be the only thing in bloom right now but lots of green so Im hopeful for a big show of blooms in the next month or so.

  6. Peonies are amongst my very favorite flowers out there. 🙂

    Did I tell you that I’m thinking of moving to Boston in a couple of years for graduate school? Exciting…but scary.

  7. Love your flowers…I miss not having a back yard to look out on and see the flowers…I end up buying flowers in the store to make me feel good…

  8. Love the color, and the peony bud makes me wish I still lived up north. Sure do love peonies. And yes, my comment to your last post was eaten by the ether, so thank you for taming the emonster.

    In my yard? A profusion of jasmine blossoms, dozens of plants along the fence, covered in fragrance. The lawn is mowed but a little dry and spotty, gradually recovering from going too long without mowing this spring. It is also going through withdrawal from chemical fertilizers, poor dear.

    The plum trees are covered in deep purple leaves and the pears a lovely green. I pruned back a few of the ice roses but filled my giant garden bin already and will have to wait until after Tuesday’s garbage day. Can’t put rose cuttings in the compost…

    The wind blew off nearly all the hibiscus blossoms and the bougainvillea is a youngster with a single pink flower, not much to look at but valiant. The violas are begging for better topsoil, there are dozens of volunteer sycamores popping up all over, and the rosemary I was rooting is fading after a valiant start. Not sure if it will make it.

    I’ve never had a purely decorative garden, but the new house came with a low-maintenance nursery special, and I can’t bear to kill the things already here. Until I find homes for all the jasmine and other shrubs planted too closely (heaps of lovely things but no elbow room!), I can’t move them and substitute edibles. Patience…

    Envy you your bulbs!

  9. Your flowers are beautiful! My peonies are all gone but the geraniums are loving the heat we’re having now. I’m hoping for some hydrangea this year, too!

  10. i’m still jealous of all your beautiful flowers. our yard’s waking up but we haven’t had to time to put anything in properly yet. although some grape hyacinths we thought we killed last year are up and blooming!

  11. I did take some photos of my backyard this week… maybe I can get them up when I get home… yours is full of color and new life.

  12. A tent. A very, very small tent considering the amount of people expected. I blame Roger. ;o)

    Oh and peonies, roses, veggies, robins, etc. but the tent kind of sticks out…

  13. What’s in my backyard? No flowers. Sadly, the bulbs have come and gone (about 2 months ago)! In my backyard are a couple of wee japanese maples, 3 enormous oak trees (which allow me not to pay to install air conditioning) , and a creek that runs just outside my fence line. Wildlife abounds–squirrels, opossums, the occasional raccoon and skunk, way, way too many deer. Last week we had some amazing migratory birds–great blue heron and and an egret sitting on our fence.

    Happy Friday (I love the iris! My very favorite.)

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