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Icarus Shawl

The photo shoot of the finished and blocked Icarus Shawl finally happened yesterday. It took two weeks to coordinate the weather conditions and a photographer, but I think it was worth the wait.


The pattern, of course, is Icarus, designed by my friend Miriam. It’s wonderfully simple to execute the main portion of the shawl and then the edging makes things interesting without being tedious.


The yarn is Arequipa from my friend Judy of Ball and Skein. And there’s a story behind this yarn. You see, last year at Rhinebeck we were all hanging around in my hotel room. We were spindle spinning and I was showing everyone a spindle I had brought back from my visit to Margene the previous month. It was made of spalted maple and Judy fell in love with it. I mean really in love with it. So I offered to give it to her. She tried to pay me for it and I said no way. I told her, “clearly, even though I purchased the spindle, it obviously belongs to you.” Judy being Judy, though, wouldn’t take the spindle as an outright gift so she suggested that we trade the spindle for some of her yarn. I chose 3 skeins of Arequipa in the colorway “Atlantic” and we were both happy.


Fast forward a few months (well, it was a few months before I started but it took me 3 weeks exactly to knit the thing) and we have this lovely finished shawl.


It’s such a gorgeous combination of blues and greens and they truly do look like the Atlantic Ocean. So, of course, I headed for the Atlantic Ocean for the photo shoot. Nelson Beach in Plymouth, if you must know.


Can you tell I love it?

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  1. Oh, Carole!… What an incredible project. It is glorious! I think I like it even more that your Bee, and that is really saying something. !!!

  2. It’s beautiful, and what a great story to go along with it! Makes me want to sit on the beach all day!

  3. Love the story, and the shawl! Of course you MUST bring it to this year’s Rhinebeck for admiration and to complete the circle.

  4. I’ve lurked on your blog for a long, long time. Lately I’ve had a series of coincidences and this post is one of them. I just read the story of Icarus aloud to younger daughter last night AND I was just listing for my students all the things that have happened since I was their age (your ten on tuesday post) – though my list included mundane things like post-it notes and glue sticks.

    The shawl is lovely. The yarn perfect. Love to read all that you do!

  5. The shawl is lovely and that last shot of you is a real beauty too!

    You are and always will be the girl I’d most like to share a Margarita with (you can have a ‘tini)


  6. I love it when there’s a story that goes with a knitted item. Your beautiful smile shows how much you love it and it looks fantastic on you. What a fabulous pair!

  7. I’m catching up on my backlog of unread posts…

    Your Icarus is jaw-droppingly gorgeous! You’ve inspired me to add it to my own queue, and wait patiently till just the right yarn finds me 🙂

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