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I’d like to discuss for a moment the knitting of a scarf. I think that many experienced knitters tend to avoid scarves. I don’t know if it’s because we all got sick of garter stitch scarves when we were learning to knit or if it’s because (sometimes) scarves seem to take forEVer but it seems to me that we don’t knit enough scarves.

I, however, am doing my part to change that. Why, just last week I knit this sweet little scarf.


It’s called Boing! and it is a terrific pattern from Anne combined with a terrific yarn from Kim.


It’s perfect for cool spring evenings when you just need a little something-something to chase away the chill.


It’s entertaining to knit and quickly produces a really beautiful product. It would be a great gift.


But not this one. This one is for me.

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  1. Don’t you just LOVE Anne’s designs? I drowl over every one of them. I am currently working on the Bleeding hearts stole. It is gorgeous but to be honest it is taking me forever in itself. But i know that when i get it finished it will be wonderful and well worth the wait and the time.

  2. Carole, Beautiful scarf and those colours! They’re lovely on you. I’m a huge fan of Anne and her designs, I just keep collecting them, for the time will come :^)

  3. I LOVE Anne’s patterns, and that one is coming home with me very soon! The yarn you chose is scrumptious, and your version of the scarf is quite fetching on ya!

  4. Love this beautiful scarf. And, Anne’s designs – well, I think I now own three of them…and I love the way the patterns look. Still haven’t started any of them…but, this summer is the summer of lace (as well as Socks!!!) for me…

  5. The color on that scarf is really lovely. I know just what you mean about scarves. The length is very daunting but the are so pleasing when they’re done.

  6. I love this pattern. You might be right about the scarf theory, but even though scarves can be a royal pain to knit, I feel like I can’t have too many.

  7. Mmmm… Pretty….

    It’s a perfect summer color — reminds me of all the red berries that come into season starting now.

  8. Your scarf is lovely. I live in Iowa, and for a treat, some of my knitting friends and I spent a weekend in Chicago. We were supposed to see the Harlot, but while that was cancelled due to weather, we had a wonderful yarn crawl and got to see and buy allot of yarns we can’t get at our small local shop. I bought a few skeins of Malabrigo lace weight, and want to knit this scarf with at least one of them. (I also ordered the “Fiddlehead” scarf pattern from Anne.) I knit socks voraciously, and I think part of my reluctance to knit scarves is that I really don’t know how to wear them. I definately want to change that next fall, and have a few planned. Do you know of any beaded lace scarf patterns that aren’t too difficult? I’ve been looking online, and haven’t really found anything.

  9. Lovely – I don’t think you can really have too many scarfs. People say that but I think they’re just not letting their inner scarf lover out. Same with socks. And mittens. 🙂

    Beautiful colorway, by the way!

  10. Those little nothing scarves have really been intriguing me. I already one of the patterns. Since I’m not really getting into lace like I thought i was, I may try the scarves. And I could always use fingering weight too if I want for a slight change in weight too. Thanks Carole!

  11. oh it’s a BEAUT! really delish, carole and i’m so glad you are keeping it for you. thanks for the nice shoutout!

  12. A scarf is a perfect forum for knitting everything but garter! I love to try different lace and cable patterns in a scarf. They are the perfect little knitted accessory! Hope you enjoy your Thursday!

  13. A scarf is a perfect forum for knitting everything but garter! I love to try different lace and cable patterns in a scarf. They are the perfect little knitted accessory! Hope you enjoy your Thursday!

  14. Soooo stunning! I love that colorway. It’s difficult to want to cast on for a scarf though when the temps are in the 80’s. 🙂

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