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Branching Out Scarf, Now With Beads

There was a teeny bit of stealth knitting going on here at Carole Knits this past month. You see, I knit a Branching Out scarf for my wonderful sister-in-law, Mary. Her birthday was yesterday and that means that the scarf has been gifted. That also means that I can finally share it with you all.


The yarn is Plymouth Yarn Royal Llama Silk and I bought it in Florida last January when we were visiting the kids. I think Mary will really appreciate that the yarn has a connection to Brant, Heather & Ambrynn. I had 3 skeins of the yarn and used 2.5 to get the length that I wanted.


The pattern, of course, is Susan’s Branching Out. It’s a terrific lace scarf and I’d certainly recommend it to any beginning lace knitter. For the more experienced knitters, well, it’s just plain fun.


I added a few beads and some fringe to each end. I really like the way beads add substance and weight to a scarf and these amethyst beads matched the yarn too perfectly to pass them up. However, when I got home I realized two things. One, the hole in the beads wasn’t big enough for two strands of yarn. This meant I couldn’t do the twisted fringe that I wanted to do. And two, I didn’t have enough beads to come up with great alternatives to the twisted fringe. Dale helped me, though, and we came up with 7 beads on each end and extra fringe in between. It’s not what I planned but I do like the way it looks.


Mary has always given me lots of comfort and warmth and I hope this scarf feels like a big hug from me every time she wears it. Happy Birthday, Mary!

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  1. I have two skeins of that same yarn that were just begging for scarf suggestions. Now I know what they’re going to be. Lovely Branching Out!

  2. What a great gift! I have been considering that pattern – now that I see your lovely scarf, I’m going to try it for certain.

  3. Very nice. I like the beads and Dale’s solution. I think that a few well placed beads do add a little substance and sparkle.

  4. Lovely photos… and your solution might be more wearable in the long run (not as heavy a weight on your lacy knitting), though I know how disappointing it can be to not get what you want, LOL.

  5. It’s a sign I tell you! 🙂 I just started branching out yesterday. I love your added details makes it your own, well Mary’s own.

  6. Hmm. Good idea! I’ve been trying to figure out what else to tuck in with the skein I spun for Claudia’s prize basket. Bet I have some beads in the stash that would match. Off to dig in the garage…

  7. The scarf is beautiful and I like the beads! They just added to the scarf and added a little twinkle…besides they are my birthstone!!!! I love them. I hope Mary enjoys it as much as you seemed to enjoy knitting it for her!

  8. it’s gorgeous Carole. The yarn looks so pretty and luxurious. Happy Birthday to Mary! I think she’s gonna be gaga over her scarf

  9. what a lovely gift – and the beads match so perfectly. Glad you came up with such a great way to use them – I think it turned out perfect.

  10. have you ever enlarged the holes in your beads. YOu can get a special tool for it. I have several times and been glad I did. You can also use a drill bit for glass with a drill press, if you have a way to clamp the beads. I did that years ago, but haven’t in many years. The tool l for increasing bead holes can be purchased at Michaels or Hobby Lobby usually. I bought mine at Walmart, but I don’t know if they still carry them, they tend to discontinue things to quickly.

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