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Chocolate Cream Pie

Of all the pies I make, and you know I make a lot of pies, chocolate cream pie is Dale’s favorite. My banana cream pie runs a close second but the richness of the chocolate gets to my man every time. And now I’ll tell you a little secret – chocolate cream pie is just about the easiest pie to make. I’m not kidding. Don’t believe me? Just read this post.

The trickiest part for many cooks is the pie crust. But I showed you how to make pie crust a while ago and you know it’s not that hard. Since a chocolate cream pie isn’t cooked you have to bake the pie crust. To do this, just roll out the crust and put it in your pie plate. Now refrigerate that pie shell for at least 30 minutes. Take it out of the fridge, line it with aluminum foil (shiny side down) and fill it with rice. Refrigerating the crust first helps it to not shrink when it’s baking and the rice works way better than pie weights because you can fill the pie shell right to the brim and it won’t bubble up on you while you bake it. You can reuse the rice, too, so don’t feel bad about wasting it. Anyway, bake the pie shell at 400 for 20 minutes, lift out the foil and rice, prick it all over with a fork, and put it back in the oven for 5 minutes or until it turns golden. Set that aside to cool.


While the crust is cooling you can make the filling. Now, when I make a banana cream pie I make the vanilla pudding from scratch. It’s heaven in a pot, so rich and creamy. And I have tried making chocolate pudding from scratch but you know what? The packaged stuff is just as good. Really, it is. And it’s easier, too, so why not? I use Jello brand cook ‘n serve chocolate pudding. Do NOT use that instant pudding crap. You have to cook the stuff. Just follow the directions on the side of the box for making a fuller pie. That’s 2 boxes of pudding and 3 1/2 cups of milk, in case you’re wondering. Once it’s all thickened up then pour it right into your pie shell. Cover it with a sheet of plastic wrap and stick it in the fridge for the absolute hardest part of the whole endeavor – waiting 4 hours for it to be ready to eat!


Once you’re ready to serve the pie you need to make the whipped cream. Again, do NOT use that store bought cream topping. No cool whip on this pie! Get out your stand mixer with the whip attachment and pour in a pint of heavy cream. I don’t use whipping cream, I use heavy cream. Let that whip for a bit and then add in a palm full of sugar and a cap full of vanilla. Very scientific measurements for this stuff, doncha know. When it’s all whipped up (and be careful not to over beat it or you’ll get butter) put it on top of the chocolate pudding. To make it look especially pretty use a vegetable peeler and grate some chocolate on top. Serve.


Wasn’t that simple? And it looks so impressive, too. I made this the other night for some friends and they just raved. I felt very smart and accomplished.

One last thing and this is probably the best part of the whole process. Get up before everyone else the next morning and eat the last piece for breakfast.


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  1. That’s one yummy pie you have there. I always knew you were smart and accomplished!

  2. It looks absolutely delicious. I’m a big homemade pudding fan myself. Mom made it for me after the boys were born (she came to stay a week each time, it’s the only time ever that we got along well for more than 3 days) and I was completely sold after that. And lemon curd, oh heaven! I do make my own pie crust but it’s always a bit crumbly, guess I need more practice, right? 😉

  3. I think that last bit of advice was the best – yummm!! Pie and coffee – must be the best way to start the day.

  4. Great tip on the chocolate pudding! Made-from-scratch cream pies are hard to make here – I guess it’s the altitude. They just don’t thicken properly. At least, not the ones made with cornstarch. My mother’s best chocolate cream pie recipe is just a runny mess here.

  5. There are moments in life when all a person can do is remember the taste of chocolate cream pie…

    Off to drink a cup of cocoa since there isn’t time to make a pie today!

  6. Carol,

    Need some help with someone anniversary gift. Plese send me a email


  7. Smells good! I have a “thing” about whip cream and make mine with meringue instead. More work probably but I love it just as much.

  8. That pie looks awesome Carole – and the rice idea is Great! I’ve heard of using pinto beans or something similar, just haven’t ever done it. That would be quite a lot of rice! Nice to know you can use it over. Icarus is Gorgeous and wow – you have some great tech things that I don’t have. DVR – that would be soooooo cool!

  9. Delicious! Chocolate is my dad’s favorite pie and I made one for him the last time he was here for a visit. Yours looks especially yummy with all that whipped cream and chocolate shavings.

  10. I did NOT need to read this post! Chocolate cream is my particular favorite, too, though lemon meringue comes a close second. Now I want to make one (and your heavy cream topping? OMG.)

  11. Thanks for the tutorial and the canny advice. I love pie for breakfast, but folk outside New England seem scandalized by the excellent custom. I’m with Kim – extra calcium!

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