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Summer of Socks ’08: Pair #2

I finished my second pair of Summer of Socks socks on Monday. They are my 12th pair of socks this year – woot! Here’s a big surprise: they are stockinette with a picot edge. A shocker, I know.


I can’t help myself, though, I just never get tired of knitting (and wearing) plain socks.


The yarn is Sophie’s Toes and it’s fabulous. Sproingy and squooshy and a real pleasure to handle. And the color is wonderful. It’s called Farmer’s Market and it makes me think of zinnias and eggplant and beets and strawberries and radishes and all the other red/orange/pink things you find at the Farmer’s Market.


When the weather cools down enough you can bet that I’ll wear these babies to the Farmer’s Market. I’ll be stylin’.

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  1. Those are fabulous! And you know how my favorite colors are usually in the red family. Very nice colorway.

  2. Your socks are excellent. I love a nice pair of plain socks too. It really lets the beautiful yarn shine through.

  3. I’ve always knit some kind of ribbing in my sock for fear of them falling down. Since you knit mostly plain socks, do you have any trouble with them staying up and do make some sort of compensation in the stitch count to prevent “slippage”?

  4. LOVE THOSE!!! Me too, I love the plain (for me, plain ribbed). They’re just so much more wearable, I feel. But those colors!!! I am in love with them!!!

  5. I agree – that’s a beautiful colorway! The yarn sounds fabulous and you must have really enjoyed knitting it.

  6. I just realized the other day that I’ve never done a plain pair of socks. I know! Sad!

    Love those. That yarn is lovely.

  7. I am stunned by your pattern choice and wonder who you are and where my Carole has gone. :p

    They are perfect, fabulous and lovely. Just like you.

  8. Beautiful color! I think there is lots of be said for one’s comfort sock pattern. I’ve got two stalled socks in pattern….nuff said.

  9. Yeah you will! I have been so tempted by this yarn since I saw it in your stash, but my stash is obscene, so I’ve been good and resisted. You are making it tough!

  10. Since I didn’t get to this yesterday I shouldn’t give you yet one more comment to read, but I just have to say Ohhhhh so pretty. I’ll have to try that yarn sometime.

  11. ooohhh – love these! i’m glad you included the closeup so we can see all the gorgeous colors in this yarn.

  12. This colorway is absolutely breathtaking! (You really do seem to find the best ones.) That little dash of pink is what does the trick, I think…

  13. I will admit that I’d probably get bored knitting stockinette socks, but I think it shows off handpainted yarns the very best. Those are lovely.

    12 pairs already this year? You’re a machine!

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