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Orange You Glad

There’s a bit of orange in my life right now and orange makes me happy.

There are orange flowers:



And orange socks:


These are my first finished pair for Summer of Socks 08 and I adore them. The yarn is Yarntini in the Mimosa variety. It makes me think of sunshine and orange popsicles.


They will be a wonderful reminder of summer when the cold weather comes around again. And it will, sad though that may be.


So kick up your heels and enjoy the summer while it lasts!

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  1. Pretty flowers and pretty socks.

    I’d be able to enjoy summer more if work didn’t get in the way! Can you believe it’s the middle of July already?

  2. I can’t believe summer is flying by. My orange daylilies (H. fulva) have been blooming for a few weeks and are almost done. But my other hybrid daylillies are starting to take off! The Japanese beetles have found them too- b*stards! The socks are gorgeous!

  3. You seem to have caught my day-lily-picture bug. It’s a good one. Nice socks, too. You are so right, we need to soak in as much summer as we can.

  4. As hot as it is supposed to be here this week isn’t it strange to think that we will be looking at snow in about 4 months?

  5. Summer seems to be drifting by rather nicely for me…and I am getting to enjoy myself more this year. (Not unpacking like I was last year!!!)

    Are those day lilies? I’m terrible with knowing the names of flowers – unless they are an iris, rose, or daisy!

    Those orange socks are really pretty…I mentioned on my blog today that I never used to like orange – then I met this great pumpkin color – and that was it for me!

    Have a great day!!!

  6. Love the orange–my favorite color–I’m about to turn the heels on my first pair for SOS–a pair promised to my husband last Sept for his birthday. Enjoy the weather!

  7. Very pretty!

    Wish I could kick up my heels. But it’s so hot here, I’d probably melt into a puddle.

  8. Nice picot! Perfect match!

    Some of us are almost on our knees praying for winter to come back. There is no knitting I can put on my body that makes summer cooler.

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