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Everybody Haikai!

Last week Terry wrote about Haikai. It’s a collaborative poem that gets passed from person to person. Each verse alternates between 3 lines and 2 and when you write a new version you are supposed to link back to the previous verse and shift away from the verse before that. This Haikai started with Terry, then it went to Sandy, followed by Margene and now it’s my turn.


Steam heated
Lightning splits dark skies
Dramatic summer storms.

Winds howl through the leaves
Bird clutching branches tight.

Clouds dance in circles
Clean laundry snaps on the line
Warm rain falls in sheets

Blue skies brighten the day
Time to head to the beach


I’m passing this to Lucia for the next verse.

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  1. I would have anyway, but now I’m commenting specifically because you said no one was commenting on the poetry! Are you going to Sandy’s too? You guys are going to be big trouble. You’d better get lots of photos!!

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