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Random Medical Stuff

Thank you all so much for the good vibes for my dentist visit yesterday. It really helped and I’m pretty sure that’s the reason everything went so well. He was kind and compassionate and caring. He fixed the chip so well that I can’t even see where it was. I do have to go back for a deep cleaning and then for another visit to have a few cavities taken care of but he gave me a teeny prescription for some Valium to take before those visits. I’m back on track and feeling fine!


See this little herb bouquet? My sister-in-law Mary brought that to me just before my visit. The herbs were meant to bring me good luck – and they did. Just like all your thoughts and wishes!

Hmm. Let’s see. What else? Oh, I know what I meant to tell you. I started physical therapy for my back last week. I’ve been having back pain off and on for about a year or so but lately it’s been more on than off so I decided it was time to actually do something about it. I went for my first session last Friday and I had a practically pain free weekend! Hooray! Then I went again yesterday morning and while the session was a bit more grueling, my back is feeling so much better it’s worth the hard work and pain. I have to go 3 times/week for 4 weeks and then I should be all set. I hope.

Other than the teeth and the back it’s been knitting and spinning as usual. Life is good.

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  1. PT’s are fabulous! I fell hard for my cute PT and he really saved my sanity and my back. Do what they say even after you’re finished and you’ll have a nice strong back forever.

  2. That’s good news about the dentist visit going well! I’m glad the physical therapy is helping, too.

  3. Glad to hear everything went so well. You know, I’ve often been in the Dentists chair wondering how I could knit to relax me…but it’s really hard to knit when you’re nearly standing on your head!

    Hope you get all the “kinks” worked out in your back too…back pain is probably as bad as childbirth!

  4. I’m glad to hear the dentist visit went well (and that you have a little something to help with the next visits).

    Good luck with the PT for the back!

  5. So glad to hear the dentist went well.

    I’m trying to get my husband to do some PT for his back. I keep telling him it won’t get better on its own! Good luck with yours!

  6. Yeah for you and your caring dentist. I hear you on the back too. I’ve been doing PT on my back since January for migraine treatment and it’s so wonderful. The big ball is my friend!!

  7. How nice of your SIL to bring you a pretty herb bouquet. Now that you’ve taken the first step, the rest will be easier…especially with Valium. 🙂

  8. So glad the visit at the dentist went well!!! I just finished PT for my back and I am doing well – I just need to make sure I keep up with the exercises they gave me. I notice it if I don’t do them for a week or so.

  9. yay! glad the dentist trip went well. i’m always half-tempted to eat like 5 cloves of garlic as payback for the inevitable pain. sometimes i just wonder if it has to be such a painful process. sounds like it wasn’t too bad though! nice of them to throw in the valium too.

  10. So happy for you and your teeth and back. Maybe you can ask for some printed back exercises to continue to do at home after the four weeks of PT so that you can maintain lower extremity and back muscle strength to help prevent future back strains. That sure helped me for the past two back strain incidents.

  11. Just catching up…. GREAT table! I had this dentist I totally loved in Syracuse, Dr. Ron Omen (as in a good omen I kept telling myself). I still dream about him… somebody’s trying to work in my mouth and I have a fit and say “where’s my Doctor Ron”. He replaced all my amalgam fillings (and there were quite a lot) and totally reduced my anxiety, though admittedly it was less than yours. My dentist now is ok, nice guy, but nothing super or dream-worthy! What are you doing for back PT?

  12. Oh I’m so glad you were a big girl and went and it wasn’t so bad!! Valium always helps. I take it to fly. 🙂

  13. so glad that it went so well with the dentist.
    and also that you’re getting your back situated properly. And I hope that the PT helps quickly!

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