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Why Do the Weekends Go So Fast?


That is the sound of my weekend flying by. I honestly can’t believe it’s already Monday morning and not still Sunday. It’s not like I did anything all that great this weekend, either. Mostly it was taken up with errands and back-to-school business and family stuff. There was a trip to the dentist and some school shopping and knitting and a wee bit of family drama. I did manage to squeeze in some time with friends last night and that was great.

The sad thing is that I didn’t take any pictures of any of this and I thought I’d have nothing. Then I remembered that we went to the Marshfield Fair the other night and I took pictures there. You’re going to love these pictures. They aren’t of sheep or knitting crafts or food. They aren’t of people or rides or attractions. Nope, they are all of something very near and dear to my heart








I just know you all understand.

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  1. Totally my kind of fair…

    and I am hearing that big whoosh whenever I realize that it’s almost September – cannot believe it….

  2. Here I was looking forward to next weekend and 3 days off…and then I remembered that three days really go as quickly as a regular weekend. Guess I had better look on the bright side and think BEER, too!

  3. Heh. At first glance I thought there were six pictures and I was going to say something clever about six-packs, but there are seven… so, is that like a brewer’s dozen? Whatever it is, looks like one didn’t have to go far to quench one’s thirst.
    ; )

  4. Love it. I saw yellow leaves on my car windshield this morning and thought yep, there go the days of beer on the balcony…


  5. That’s hilarious! I sent your url to my cousin, whose brother (also my cousin) lives in Marshfield, telling her “explains a lot”.

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