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We Are the People Our Parents Warned Us About

Many of you guessed correctly that Dale and I went to a Jimmy Buffett concert last Thursday. It was so much fun!! The tailgating is over the top and when it comes to a concert, well, that man does not disappoint.

So, let’s talk about the tailgating. Seriously, these people do it up right. It’s all about hanging with friends – some you haven’t made yet – eating great food and partying. The parking lots are full of scenes like this one:

People just gathered around and having fun.

If you’re familiar with the public drinking laws in Massachusetts, well, you understand that this is highly unusual. But the police don’t seem to mind.

Here’s Dale, ready to stroll down one of the rows. He looks like he’s ready for a good time, doesn’t he?

This guy had a bubbler full of strawberry daiquiris. I bet not many people can say they have had a drink from a bubbler in the middle of a parking lot full of sand. Truly, it’s an experience that shouldn’t be missed.

And Capt. Tony here, well, he had a whole bar set up, complete with swings. A ride on one of those swings wasn’t free but I didn’t ask the price as I had a feeling it would have been one I wasn’t willing to pay.

And speaking of friends you don’t know yet, these three guys were parked next to us and they were loads of fun. By the end of the night we were hugging each other good bye. They shared their cheeseburgers, we shared our beer and we all laughed a lot. Oh wait, I think I have a picture of their better side.


I think you can see that if you want to have fun at a Jimmy Buffett show you need to check your inhibitations at the gate and just go with the flow.  I have no problem with that.  Just saying.

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  1. Very very funny! The bubbler is just unbelievable, and the mooning picture finishes it off. What a good time that must have been.

  2. now you shared your laugh with us!
    when i was in the hospital having my daughter by caesarean, jimmy buffett was playing in the operating room. every time i hear him now it takes me right back to rebecca’s delivery!

  3. You know..I think I would look like that wearing a grass skirt, withOUT the fake bottom. That sounds fun though! I could have gone for a margarita, or maybe some drink out of a pineapple with a little umbrella. 😀

  4. for those of you not native new englandlers, a bubbler is a drinking fountain. heh.

    by the way, bubbler should really be spelled “bubblah”

  5. It certainly looks like everyone had a great time! I’m afraid Larry would have had trouble leaving his inhibitions at the gate. He lost them long ago.

  6. I appear to be the only one, but since you changed to the new site, I’m not able to see your photos anymore, waaaahh! Just a box with a question mark in the middle. Was it something I said?!

  7. Buffet shows are so much fun. And you’re right about the whole “check it at the gate” thing.

    It seems like you guys had a blast. (Someday, I’m totally buying Dale a beer. He always looks like he’s happy being where ever he is. I love that.)

  8. What a wild and crazy bunch! I’ve never heard of anything but water coming out of a bubbler… that was truly an inspired idea. 😉

  9. I’m supposed to be stopping for a day in Key West, FL and I wonder if Margaritaville is as much fun as your tailgate party.

    Inhibitions? What’s that? 😉

  10. I just noticed that Bloglines isn’t updating you on my list! I’m such a trained seal, no bold, no click.

    Anyway, did a pretty brunette come around and give you a bottle opener or some such giftee thing? Could have been my Meg! She’s been working promotions down there and that is what this weekend was. I think. Or maybe she was doing a Chevrolet thing on Saturday, the bottle openers might have been Thursday…..

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