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Welcome To My New Crib!

So, welcome to the new Carole Knits site.  If you’ve been redirected from the old site please update your bookmarks or subscriptions or whatever you’re using to get here.  Other than that the transition should be pretty seamless for everyone and now that I’m self-hosting I’m hoping for a much more stable server.  No more errors when you comment and no more downtime – that’s my goal!  Let me know if you notice anything missing or wonky, okay?

So, it’s Labor Day here in the US and that means a work holiday for me.  The whole weekend has been full of cook outs and parties and hanging out and today should be more of the same.  I hope you’re having fun with whatever you’re doing, too!

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  1. I enjoy your blog and made the transition without a hitch, but your photo is not visible to me. I hope this is not an omen that I will not be able to see your lovely photos on this new blog.

  2. Hey love the new digs!! FYI, Labour Day is the only holiday weekend that the US and Canada have in common. So we are celebrating this weekend too. The kids are all back to school tomorrow!!

  3. Lovely new site, and gorgeous late-summer bouquet. Is there a way to add “previous postnext post” to your template? (My life’s ambition is to have all bloggers incorporate this into their blogs.) (Yes, I am truly sad and lame and my ambitions reflect that.)

  4. Congratulations on your new site. Who needed the hassles, eh?

    Lots of rain here, Gustov has come calling. So far, now power outage, knock on wood. Others, not so lucky. 3 cheers for underground utilities and no big trees. Now, if the main power line goes down, it’s back to square one.

  5. Hi there! No issues here…though maybe we can think about adding a lightbox feature so your pictures can pop up like mine do… ;o)

  6. Bloglines has my subscription in the left frame and it’s working properly, but they still show you as having zero subscribers at this address. FYI.

  7. Looks good. Come to think of it I did have problems leaving comments from time to time.

    I spent too much time this weekend at a yarn sale.

  8. A-HA! that’s what happened. i count on bloglines to tell me when you’ve posted and the bastard didn’t tell me you had a new “crib.” fuckers.

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