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Alpaca Farm

Have you ever spent the day with a bunch of alpacas? I did on Saturday and it was wonderful.

Oh, there were friends there, too, and it was great to see them and spin with them. But it was the alpacas that inspired me to keep taking pictures.

Isn’t that little girl the cutest? Sharon picked her up and carried her around for a bit and it was so sweet. Sharon also picked up a chicken but that was a little less sweet. Just saying.

In case it’s not obvious, I was at the Parker River Alpaca Farm for a day of spinning. It was so relaxing. Well, except for Sharon picking up the chicken.

As you can see, there was a bit of shopping, too. Courtesy of Kim and her new gorgeous BFL rovings. The alpacas clearly have excellent taste. We all must, too, since I think we all took home at least one of those braids. Ahem.

Who are you looking at? You would have shopped too!

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  1. It was fun! Much spinning, knitting and gales of laughter. Great seeing you all and the ‘pacas. Esp the cutie in the last picture trying to steal the watermelon!

  2. It WAS fun, wasn’t it? If I could have snuck one of those babies in my car, I surely would have….they are so sweet!

    Umm…recipe for corn salad? That was scrumptious!!

  3. They are the cutest critters. I’d pick one up, too…and while I like chickens? No. Don’t think I’d pick one of them up.
    What a great way to spend a Saturday!

  4. I most certainly would have, had I been able to be there. Sorry to have missed you! But there’s always Rhinebeck. (I **will** be at Rhinebeck.)

  5. I just love alpacas! They have the sweetest little faces! I may have to take up spinning and join up on these great adventures you all are having!!!!

  6. It looks the alpaces are saying “Look – this one is me, and this one is me … Oh and look, this one is you!” Even though I know you said the braids were all BFL….

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