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Sometimes Last Minute Works

So that thing I said I was doing last Saturday? The thing I didn’t want to tell you about until I was sure it worked out? I can tell you now because it worked out.

Here’s the low down. Back in July I asked my brother-in-law Randy to help me choose some photos for a local art show.  Randy is an artist and I respect his opinion a lot when it comes to art and I wanted some constructive criticism on (1) whether I had any photos worthy of viewing and (2) which photos he thought would be most likely to be chosen since this is a juried show. A few weeks ago I emailed Randy 55 of my best photos and waited to hear from him. He has been really busy fishing (and no, I’m not being sarcastic, Randy is a commercial fisherman and does guided fishing charters on his boat as well) so when I didn’t hear from him right away I figured he was busy and knew he’d get back to me at some point. He finally did and he had lots of praise and advice on which photos he thought would be best for printing and framing. There was only one problem – he emailed me on the night before the submission date. I didn’t have anything printed, much less framed, so I read the email and set it aside and thought, well, there’s always next year.

Then Randy’s wife Mary stopped by for a minute last Saturday morning and while she was over she asked me about submitting the photos because Randy had shown them to her. I told her the deadline was only a few hours away and it was too late to do anything for this year. Mary wasn’t having any of that and neither was Randy, apparently, because my phone rang about 5 minutes later. It was Randy encouraging me to go for it. He told me where I could go  to have the images printed up quickly. He told me they would help me select mats and frames. And then he told me to come to his house and he would help me frame them. So I decided to go for it.

I’m really glad I did because all 3 of my submissions were chosen for inclusion! This was my first show and I was a bit intimidated about entering but with Randy’s help and Mary’s encouragement it all worked out. I learned a lot about framing and have some ideas of things I’ll do differently for next year – including getting things ready earlier – but I wouldn’t have changed this experience for anything.

As for the photos, you’ve seen them all before but I’ll show you again. This time they even have names.

Snowy Woodpecker

Mary’s Pansy

Cattails of Plymouth

They look even better in their mats and frames.

So there you have it.  I’m still just plain old me but now I’m plain old me with a juried art show on my resume.  Not bad for someone who really doesn’t know what she’s doing.

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  1. Congratulations! I’m typically just a lurker, but wanted to come out of hiding to tell you how much I enjoy your photography! I loved the three you entered and also especially liked last Friday’s Eye Candy of the ornamental grass!

  2. Good for you!! They’re all lovely photos. I’m happy you were prodded to get them ready to submit in time. Imagine what we could all get accomplished with such insistent supporters!

  3. Congratulations to the dazzling new Carole who makes beautiful and captivating photographs worthy of inclusion in an exclusive local art show!! How wonderful for supportive friends.

  4. Congratulations on submitting the photos. Am so happy that you did – those are beautiful photos…

    Hey, you never know – being in one juried show can lead to others.

    Very happy for you…

  5. Whoa, that’s terrific, Carole! And way to go and do something NEW and outside your comfort zone. I’m all in favor of THAT!

  6. Awesome achievement! I probably would have set it aside for “whenever – which never comes! Very cool.

  7. How very, very cool! I’ve been intending to frame some of my shots (though not for a show!) and need to get back onto that. I’m all ears if you have any framing tips to share!

  8. Congratulations! That’s so cool! And the photos are totally worth it. Just gorgeous. Will people have an opportunity to purchase them? That would really be neat!

  9. Just plain ole you is something spectacular Carole! That’s wonderful that you submitted your photos for an art show. I’m so proud of you. You have quite the eye for pcitures for someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing (according to you). I always enjoy your pictures.

  10. WONDERFUL! That is so exciting and I’m so thrilled you have a great brother and sister-in-law that encouraged (and insisted) that you enter. Those photos are gorgeous! Congratulations

  11. oh carole this is SUCH a great story; congratulations on going for it AND getting in the show! (i’m catching up on blog posts; i’m WAY behind!)

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