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Wednesday is Lensday

Project monogamy doesn’t lend itself to blog fodder, as we all know. And I’ve been extremely monogamous to the Fionn sweater that I’m knitting for Dale.


I took the photo from “the side” so that you can see that it’s knit in the round from the bottom up. I’ve finished the circular part and have now separated the front and back. I’m about done with the back, actually. Then it’s on to the front and then the sleeves.

I’m enjoying the knitting very much and am dedicated to finishing it before I start something else. Good for me, great for Dale (who is quite anxious for a new sweater) and boring for you all.

So, to liven things up a bit, allow me to show you my entry into this week’s Lens Day.


The theme this week is wood. I think my Reeves spinning wheel fits the bill.

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  1. Oh boy is that wheel pretty! 🙂 I hope others follow your example–there’s nothing like a day full of gratuitous wheel p*rn. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. Isn’t this the first time we’ve seen this sweater? I like to think I’d remember. It’s lovely, Carole. Dale is a lucky man and for more than just getting a sweater. Very nice shot of your wheel, too.

  3. Lucky Dale! What pattern is that?

    Nothing better than a beautiful photo of a beautiful wheel. I was wondering, what’s the first thing you knit with your first skeins of handspun? Maybe a blog post about it in the future?

  4. When you finish Dale’s can you work on my husband’s sweater for awhile? That thing’s been sitting around here longer than I’ve been knitting, I swear. (Ok, maybe that’s a slight exaggeration…)

  5. Project monogamy may not make for good blog fodder, but the sweater is lovely.

    I love the photo of your Reeves wheel. My two-year-old does too, apparently. He was standing next to me while I read your post, and when he saw the photo, he yelled, “That’s a spinning wheel”! He’s been taught well, I guess 🙂

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