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Sweetwater Socks

Hannah’s Sweet Sixteen Birthday Socks are finished.  Of course, her birthday was two weeks ago today but better late than never, right?

The yarn is Knitterly Things Vesper Sock Yarn in the color Sweetwater and I finished them on the Sixteenth of September.  Sounds like a sweet sixteen theme – Sweetwater Socks for a Sweet Sixteen birthday finished on the Sixteenth.  You’d think I planned it that way but I didn’t.

No surprise that they have a picot edge, right? And in case you’ve forgotten how to knit a picot edge, Claudia explains it best. Right here.

You all know I love Vesper and this is why.  Just look at those perfectly matched stripes.  Brilliant.

The color is pretty brilliant, too!

The sixteen year old, though?  She’s a klutz.  I asked her to put her feet up in the air and she fell over.  Gotta love the little goof.

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  1. Omg, I think you know my mother! (Seriously! I looked at your 100 things about me and decided I was not insane to suggest it. And she has the same favorite pizza place.)

    Norma “sent” me over. The pictures clued me in. (Great snowy woodpecker!)

    Love the socks – I’m working on some OnLine stripes that are giving me fits about matching, so I’m jealous too.

  2. Gee, I should dig out my own skein and knit it up, since your pair turned out so beautifully! (Really nice job on the matching. Extra points for that!)

  3. No wonder you love that yarn. It’s rare to see hand-dyed sock yarn stripe so beautifully. Those are wonderful and Hannah’s a lucky girl. The last photo is priceless!

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