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Socks Galore

Thank you all for your kind compliments on my Twist sweater.  I’m glad you all think it’s so great and I love hearing that so many of you think I’m beautiful.  You really made my day.

Now, for a bit of housekeeping.  I’m noticing (because I have stats now and I never had stats on the old blog host) that quite a few of you are arriving each day via the old blog.  I’d like to remind you to update your bookmarks or RSS subscriptions so that you don’t need to be redirected to wind up here.

Speaking of feed readers, apparently Bloglines hates me these days.  They are completely ignoring my feeds and I have no idea why.  I’ve emailed their customer service support but I doubt I’ll hear anything from them.  I’m still a Bloglines user but I wouldn’t blame anyone who wants to convert to Google Reader or another feed aggregator.  In the meantime just remember that I post Mon-Fri and even without an update showing in Bloglines I’ve most likely updated.  Thanks!

Okay, now for some knitting content.  These are my current socks in progress.

Normally I’m a one-sock-in-progress kind of girl but somehow I wound up knitting 3 different pairs at once.  I’ve got the Fallen Leaves socks, the Trick or Treat Swap Socks, and the Through The Loops Mystery Socks – being knit two at a time on one long circ, I might point out.  That’s a lot of socks, even for a serious sock knitter like me.

Clearly, Socktoberfest has gone to my head.

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  1. I’ve got 2 active socks on the needles with a third and fourth about to be cast on. Trying to get those sock WIPs and a new one done! I like the blues Mystery ones there. What yarn is that?

  2. Looks to me like two pair are might close to the finish. I love the Mystery sock as it maked me want to knit socks when I can’t! I’m considering a second pair on the needles, too.

  3. I only have one pair of socks on the needles at the moment. However once I finish this sweater I will be casting on at least one more if not two more pairs. 🙂 I think I am jumping into Socktoberfest feet first this year.

  4. I use Google Reader, and it works like a charm. Carole’s updates are there every day. 🙂

  5. How do you like 2 at a time on one circ? I find that while I do like it, I have a hard time when it comes to picking up the gusset stitches. Not sure what the mental block is.

    I love that purple and orange. Such a cool Halloween combination!

  6. I had a problem with your feed on Google Reader a week or two ago, too. It wouldn’t show you as updated. I unsubbed and resubbed and now you update, but now there are no pictures like there were before. Strange.

    Anyway, just to add to the comments about Twist, it’s great. You have a similar body type to me (I think) and it was good to see what it might look like.

    Happy Socktober!

  7. Cursed bloglines. I ran it and Google Reader in parallel for a few months and was finally able to make the switch to GR. MUCH less frustrated… except when I realize (like today) that bloglines isn’t picking up my feed. Grrr. Have you tried going through feedburner? that definitely helped for me – but obviously it’s not perfect yet.

    I’ve been meaning to mention that I really like your new blog location – I like the layout changes, and your blog loads much faster!

  8. I’m a google reader girl myself. But I still check in with Bloglines from time to time.

    That’s a lovely bunch of socks you’ve got there. No better time than Socktoberfest to have so many on the needles.

  9. I love how the purple/orange yarn is pooling on the ball. 🙂
    Oooh, Liz does have a point – I had a brief blip of missed feeds on Google reader, and she’s right – your photos don’t show up through the reader anymore. (Makes it harder to lurk. Heh.)
    Speaking of which, I forgot to say yesterday, the sweater looks great and you did a fantastic job with the photos! (I love it that you smile!)

  10. I am always amazed at your sock-knitting speed and productivity. I have the same stupid sock on the needles that I had last April (I know this because we’re on vacation again and it’s still traveling with me like it did in April, hoping it’ll get some lovin’ – nope, not a stitch… I’m knitting on a scarf instead.)

    I’d really rather spin than knit – that may just be my problem. 😉

  11. Love the multi-color orange and browns yarn.

    Regarding feed readers, I’ve been using Google Reader for a while. For some reason when you switched to your own site, even with the new feed link I don’t get images in Google Reader I get broken images. This has been ongoing issue when reading the Yarn Harlot’s blog too.

    I assume it’s a Google Reader issue, because if I got over to NetNewsWire it’s not a problem.

  12. Nobody is showing up on Bloglines today!! I’ll find you anyway I can sweetie. I love all your socks – I gotta get my Mystery Socks going….

  13. Google reader is wonderful – and even for non-techno-savvy me, it imported all my subscriptions in less than 2 minutes. easy 🙂 And overall, and MUCH nicer and more complete service than bloglines ever was. Makes me wonder why I didn’t switch sooner.

    Luvin’ those socks.!!
    I sooo badly want to join the Mystery Sock KAL, but have promised myself project monogamy til this stealth gift is done. (I am printing out the pattern clues as it goes along tho..)

  14. I second the feedburner idea. Bloglines is dead to me. I have Google Reader set to my needs and I’m surprisingly happy with it.

    Look at you go with the sock knitting!

  15. The Internets in general are not treating me kindly in the last couple of days — Comcast is flaky, Bloglines is balky, etc. Blame it on Mercury, one step forward, two back.

    I’m up to my whatsis in charity projects, which might explain why I’m feeling the sock itch.

  16. Bloglines is hating many right now. I opened BL and Google Reader. GR had 23 for me to read, but BL only listed 2.

  17. Bloglines is still not picking up my posts either. The rotten %^%$#%*’s. I emailed them over a week ago and still haven’t heard back from them.

  18. You show up in G-Reader just fine. ;o) Your pics don’t show up in the feed because you have a photo link blocker enabled.

  19. Courtesy of Bloglines I was seven posts behind — but they showed up this morning. I’ve noticed a whole batch of feeds aren’t working correctly. Don’t think I know anyone working there, else I’d offer to help.

  20. what’s the point of a fest if you’re not going to enjoy it, right? and it’s not like you can ever have too many socks 🙂

    google reader actually automatically updated the feed to the new address. cool, eh?

  21. I was searching for information on Bloglines failing to pick up posts and came across your post on the subject. I’m experiencing the same scenario. I moved my WordPress blog to a new server and all the feed readers pick up my posts except for Bloglines.

    I LOVE your knitting and I’ve added you into my Bloglines (looks like it’s now picking up your feeds). Did you have to do anything to solve the problem? Any help you can provide would be much appreciated! Thank you, Kathy

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