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Thanks so much for all the good dentist mojo.  It worked!  My dentist is very kind and gentle and he took excellent care of me and I didn’t feel any pain at all.  Well, until they gave me the bill.  $730 caused quite a bit of pain to my wallet! Now we just have to wait and make sure that I don’t have any pain or sensitivity so think good thoughts for that if you can.

Like any trip to the dentist, the best part was when it was over.  And guess what?  When I went outside the sun was shining!  Yay!

Just as soon as I got home I headed out into the sunshine with a couple of things to photograph for you.

I knit these fingerless mitts for my friend Wendy’s mom.  She lives in Maine and those winters are mighty cold up there so when Wendy asked (and gave me the yarn) I was happy to oblige.  They were fast and the pattern is free and a great way to use up a small skein of sock yarn

Speaking of sock yarn, check out these beauties.

I cast these on last week with a very specific purpose.  You see, the yarn is Judy’s and I thought it would be most appropriate to knit socks with her yarn while wishing for speedy healing for her broken foot and the Wooly Babe’s hip issues.  Turns out that Mr. Etherknitter is having some issues these days, too, so I’ve included him in my healing-knitting-mojo as well.

Finally, in case you aren’t aware, the deadline for this year’s Red Scarf Project is rapidly approaching.  Don’t fret it you don’t have time to knit a scarf as they are more than happy to take your money!  Just be sure and tell Norma because she’s running a nice contest with some pretty sweet prizes.

So that’s what I’ve been noticing around the blogs.  What about you?

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  1. Lovely mitts and the healing socks are coming along nicely.
    I’m glad the trip to the dentist wasn’t too bad. Of course the bill is no pleasure but that’s a whole different kind of pain.

  2. I’m glad you had a good (if you want to call it that after the bill) experience at the *gulp* dentist! I made my oral surgery appointment yesterday…send me good vibes!

  3. so glad that all went well at the dentist 🙂
    and yippeee for sunshine and knitting-healing projects. Love that yarn from Ball and Skein.

  4. Things to think about while I work on my Red Scarf scarves already in progress. I’m finding I can get about 8 rows done on Meander per one-way commute, and she’s almost a foot long now and very fluid and drapey.

  5. I don’t think I’ve ever had anything cause a bigger pain to my wallet than the dentist. Having had a similar situation a couple years ago I’ll be pulling for you that everything is taken care of now! The knits look fantastic.

  6. Mr. E totally agrees with that color, and appreciates ALL knitting karma coming his way. I, too, am knitting Judy-yarn socks for the cause.

    That is one big bite out of the wallet. At least it’s over.

  7. Ack! I’d have freaked at that bill, too…
    Love the mitts…had been looking for a pattern like that for some of my leftover sock yarns! Thank you!

  8. I notice that bloglines doesn’t like you very much – it hasn’t found you for two days (at least for me anyway)!!

    Yea for your dentist – that’s a good trip even the $$ is pretty good compared to the $3K I have coming up in January for the implant.

  9. What I’ve been noticing around the blogs is that when you fall behind in reading them, you are a day late in sending good thoughts for your friend’s trip to the dentist. I’m glad it went well and sorry for the pain in the wallet. I feel that pain right now – I’m helping Samm out by paying for some dental work that she was too afraid to get done when she was younger. Seems now that she’s had a baby, dental pain doesn’t scare her the same as it used to 🙂

  10. I’m late too, but I’m glad you made it through the dentist OK but for the hit to the wallet. Great mitts, and great socks!!

  11. Those fingerless mitts are very nice. Um, gee, I still think that going to the dentist is worse than having a kid. (another) Julie

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