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Rain, Rain Go Away

It’s raining.  It rained on Friday.  It rained on Saturday.  It rained on Sunday.  And now it’s Monday and it’s still raining.  Enough already.

There are plenty of things you can do in the rain.  You can knit and snuggle on the couch.  You can knit and watch tv.  You can knit and read, knit and talk on the phone, knit and listen to music.  Did I mention you can knit?

You know what you can’t do in the rain?  You can’t take pictures of all the knitting you’ve done.  No pictures of the finished Twist.  No pictures of the finished pair of fingerless mitts for a friend’s mom.  No pictures of the finished sock.  Nope.

And no pictures = nothing to write about.  Except the rain, of course.

P.S.  I go to the dentist today to work on the stuff I’ve been ignoring for 10 years.  Think good thoughts for me, won’t you?  Thanks.

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  1. Rain, rain, go away! Saying a little prayer for you today, for peace and calm and swift painless dentistry. Good for you, taking care of business (from a fellow dentiphobe)!

  2. I’ll think of you – if you’ll think of me. I’m going to the dentist too today to begin the process of having a front tooth capped. Dreading it while trying to psche myself up for it at the same time.

  3. My brain is starting to twitch with the lack of sun and too much rain. Good thoughts? You got ’em! You’ll be fine like last time. 🙂

  4. Barry was in Ithaca this weekend and mention the unending rain. It was 85 and sunny here. 😉
    Good luck at the dentist. With all the newfangled stuff they’re using these days it won’t be bad at all.

  5. We’re the opposite here–hot and humid! A little rain this morning, but it quickly dissipated. We’re supposed to get some true fall weather later this week. Good luck with that dentist visit!

  6. I send you Novocain thoughts (or would you prefer nitrous oxide ones? get a bit loopy). And I send please-please-please-please-stop-the-rain thoughts to whatever weather deity might be listening. Knitting is wonderful, but enough already.

  7. Very good thoughts for you at the dentist, Carole! I’ve gone twice in the span of two weeks, and while the first trip was nerve-wracking (what will happen? what if the dentist is mean and yells at me?), the second was remarkably tame, almost boring. I bid you boredom in the chair and a dentist as nice as mine.

  8. Several days of rain does seem excesive, that seldom happens where I live, you probably received more rain in the few days than we get in 1 year. I am waiting for cooler weather so that I can start my afghan and my first sweater. It’s hard to knit larger projects when its so blasted hot! Think of plethora of photos you’ll be able to post – we’ll be patiently awaiting this gems.

  9. Good luck today. I actually quite like the dentist. I love the clean teeth feel after they pound off all the tartar.

    The rain has stopped but the grey persists here.

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