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It Pays To Have Crafty Friends

Thanks again for the kind birthday wishes and all the supportive and thoughtful comments you left yesterday.  I’m all verklempt, I tell you.  But enough about that, let’s talk about my birthday presents.  Specifically, my birthday presents from my two nearest and dearest friends, Lois and Sharon.  The reason these presents are so special?  They made them.  Yup.  They made me stuff.

My present from Lois was this fabulous quilted topper for my kitchen table.  She actually made it and gave it to me this past summer when I got new dishes.  It matches the dishes perfectly and really looks beautiful on the table.

My present from Sharon was this awesome hand knit scarf.  It’s the Oh, Canada pattern, downsized to one repeat, and the yarn is Judy’s sock yarn.  It’s beautiful and I love the fact that Sharon took the time to knit it for me.

Aren’t those the best presents ever?  Sometimes we don’t feel appreciated when we give someone a hand made gift but in this case Lois and Sharon know that I adore these gifts and I adore them, too.  Good friends who give good presents definitely make for good birthdays!

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  1. Both very beautiful and thoughtful gifts! When the recipient knows the hours of work that goes into quilting and knitting you know they will be loved.

  2. “Good friends who give good presents definitely make for good birthdays!”

    Yes, they do.

    As you note, the flip side from the crafter’s point of view, of course, is the joy that it is to give something you’ve made to someone who truly appreciates it. Your (justified, my heavens those are lovely gifts!) excitment over the things they made for you is a gift for Sharon and Lois, too.

  3. Can you tell them that I’m a great person too and would be appreciative of wonderful hand made gifts? Lucky, lucky you Carole!! What wonderful treasures!

  4. How lovely! The gifts are just beautiful and having friends like that are worth their weight in gold. I’m sure they feel just as great as you knowing how much their works are loved.

  5. How beautiful! I love the quilted table mat. It’s gorgeous. My aunt made me a woolen penny rug for my table. I love it. I love the colors in the scarf, it’s really going to brighten up a fall day. (course..I love fall..specially for the colors.)

  6. I bet that Lois and Sharon enjoyed making these as much as you enjoyed receiving them. It’s always a pleasure to create something when you know that the recipient will truly appreciate the thought and effort that goes into the gift.

  7. there’s nothing quite as wonderful as hand made gifts – especially from two women who obviously know and love you well.
    These kinds of treasures are the ones we have for keeps.

  8. I love it when someone makes something for me – so, I know exactly how you feel! Both gifts are beautiful! The table topper is really pretty…and I love the color of the scarf…

  9. Oh, I missed it, but my belated wish for a very Happy Birthday are still very warm and sincere. How wonderful to have your friends expressing their good wishes for you so beautifully. Remember, you are not only a year older, but a year more wise, thankful, and lovely.

  10. I don’t know why this has become the norm as of late, but I have to reload your page twice each time I access it from the rss feed in order to see your images (safari is my browser). This only happens with your site. Hmmn…

  11. You are really really loved when someone takes the time to MAKE your gift. I only knit give aways for truly special people in my life. I LOVE that you chose who to share your cake with in a dining area. GREAT idea. May copy it

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