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A Sweater. With Dishes.

Several of you asked to see the new dishes.  I’ve also been asked to show the progress on Hannah’s February Lady Sweater.  Since I’m all about the multi-tasking, I present both:

Hannah didn’t quite understand why I asked her to sit at the kitchen table and model the partially finished sweater.  Then I explained that I wanted to show you the dishes so she happily did her Carol Merrill thing.

Yes, they are square.  Dale wasn’t sure what he thought about square dishes but he’s managed to overcome his aversion to them and he eats his dinner just fine.

So, the sweater is moving along nicely.  The yarn is Dream in Color Classy and I love working with it.  It’s smooshy and squooshy and the color is great.  Hannah is tiny so I was worried that the XXS wouldn’t be small enough.  Wouldn’t you know I had the yoke all done on size 6 needles and it was too small (yes, I knit a gauge swatch and yes, gauge swatches lie) so I ripped and started again on size 7s and now the fit is just right.  Time to visit sleeve island.

Who would have thought I could pull together a post from dishes and a sweater.  I think I’m really be stretching my use of the word blogger.

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  1. Beautiful dishes! I need new ones, too, but am too lazy — and cheap — to actually stir myself into action. I shall live vicariously through you.

    Green is a good color for Hannah.

  2. The sweater is coming along wonderfully. The color looks lovely on Hannah.
    The dishes are beauties. I’m so glad you posted photos. I have never had square dishes and find them so interesting.

  3. Yummy Dishes!! Hannah’s FLS is the same colourway I want to do mine in but i’m having troubles finding it. The LE haven’t had it for ages.

  4. The dishes are great. The site is great but the pictures don’t come through on my google reader. : ( If you know how to fix it would you let me know? Thanks. OH and belated Happy Birthday!

  5. I like BOTH. The sweater will be nice when it’s finished. Great color. But, those dishes are fantastic. I’ve always been fond of painted dishes. (Mine are currently white.)
    Tell Dale square plates are for a balanced diet!

  6. Hannah’s sweater looks great! I have square plates as well. I find them especially useful when I am serving something that needs a little more of a lip to keep it from running off the plate. We also use them whenever we eat Chinese, it just feels right. 🙂

  7. The sweater and the dishes look great. I like the idea of square dishes but I can’t get Bruce to go for it. Maybe Dale can convince him.

  8. Very nice, all around! The sweater is looking wonderful – DIC is such fabulous yarn – I’ll remember that when I’m ready to make my Lady!!

  9. Your FLS is beautiful! As is your daughter. I am almost done with the body of my FLS…can’t wait to finish it as it is my first sweater – well adult sweater – and since we are having fall weather in PA I could use a new sweater!

  10. Thank you for satisfying my curiosity. I love them, and your table quilt is, indeed, perfect!

    What is it with men and square dishes? My DH has gone on record as saying “no way”. Of course, that fact that I have a butler’s pantry full of dishes might have something to do with it. VBG!

  11. You know..I have a few extra pounds laying around if Hannah wants them. Just saying..:D She looks gorgeous in the sweater..even if it’s only half done. 😀

    The dishes are beautiful! I love the colors. *sighs* My husband and I just bought dishes from the store. $50..on sale for a 4 person setting. They were ALL broken! Except ONE plate and a couple mugs. I couldn’t find the receipt. I’m not even sure I got one. Talk about a bad experience with dishes. But hey, now I can buy new ones..and make sure I get the receipt! 😀

  12. That color looks gorgeous on Hannah. I love your dishes. When we moved to New Hampshire – I did not pack up my old dishes – rather gave them away – because I wanted new dishes…

    Got a set of really pretty dishes with black square plates – I love square plates!!!

  13. Wow! Hannah has a gift for this, you know? She really could take Vanna’s place when she retires (and make multi-millions for caring for Mom and Dad in their old ages, right?)!
    Love the Lady sweater, and the dishes are cool!

  14. How tiny is Hannah? I am thinking about making the sweater for my daughter, who is 5’3″, 103 pounds and her high bust measurement is 33 inches. I am thinking the XXS would fit her rather nicely. With your experience with the pattern, is that the size you would make?

  15. Hannah, the sweater and the dishes are all beautiful! My grandmother had a set of dishes that had square luncheon plates, which as a kid I found fascinating. When she moved into assisted living, she gave me the entire set of dishes. Unfortunately, I live 2300 miles from the dishes, and there are far too many pieces to send (Grandma never saw a dish she didn’t like–she bought every service piece possible), but someday, I’ll have square plates too!

    I have that color of DIC in the Smooshy sock yarn; it’s such a happy green.

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