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Baby Surprise Jacket

It seems to me that on this date, the anniversary of a terrible day, it’s important to focus on our future.  To remember that there are good things in our lives – family, friends and so much more. It’s entirely appropriate to look back with sadness but I think it’s even more important to look forward with hope.  And what could be more hopeful than the upcoming birth of a baby and the opportunity to cover that baby in woolly goodness?

This is my first Baby Surprise Jacket and I doubt it will be my last. I’ll admit that I didn’t think I was doing it right for a good part of the process but I just kept the faith (and my trust in EZ) and worked my way through. I wound up with this:

Pretty funny looking and sort of hard to picture becoming a baby sweater, I think. But lo and behold, a simple fold or two and I had this:

Now we’re cooking with fire! I sewed the shoulder seams and added some buttons and wa-la:

A Baby Surprise Jacket!

The yarn is Hello Yarn Fat Sock that Adrian custom dyed for me last year. It’s wonderful and squooshy and the colors are just what I wanted.

It was a fast knit, too. I started late on Saturday and finished Tuesday night. That’s fast – even for a baby sweater. It must have been because of all that help from Mason.

Babies are hopeful. Babies are our future. And babies wearing hand knits, well, they are just about the best thing ever.

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  1. When are you due? Mwah ha ha ha!!! That’s a beautiful sweater and I totally agree with the sentiment and inspiration behind it. Onward!

  2. So sweet! The colors look really good with the pattern.

    It’s taken me over 2 weeks to finish the EZ Baby Sweater on Two Needles (the baby version of the February Lady). If I had seen your sweater first I probably would have gone with that one instead.

    What a lucky baby!

  3. That is a beautiful BSJ. Did you take the time to ask Hannah and Dale what they thought it was before you seamed it? That’s my favorite part.

  4. it is beautiful. and those jackets are loads of fun to knit.

    and in response to kathy’s question, it is VOILA! not wa-la. which means nothing. 😉

  5. What a darling sweater…I must make one. And hope is exactly what we need to do – for a future for ourselves and those who come after…

  6. Great Baby Surprise, neat colors and buttons – it’s simply amazing what a couple of folds in the right places will make! EZ rules.

  7. It’s so pretty! I had my doubts when knitting this pattern, too, and it all turned out O.K. I will say it took far more concentration that I’d imagined just to keep up with what was going on!

  8. Wouldn’t you have loved to have been privy to the thought process that came up with that bit of origami knitting in the first place?

  9. Love the sweater – of course, I’ve had that same pattern on needles now for almost a year…the intended baby is way to big for it – so, I’m just waiting to hear of another baby on the way to finish it…

  10. On September 11, 2001, I was 3 weeks from delivering my Cakers. I remember people asking me if I was scared to bring a baby into our newly traumatized world.

    “What better time, really?” I asked back. Horrible things have been happening in the world since the beginning of forever. And so have babies.

    (HOnestly, I was more worried about being an old lady having a baby)

  11. What a great theme for today… thanks, Carole. I love the colors of your baby surprise, and doubt it’s cuz you are preggers, but you didn’t mention who the happy recipient is…. hmmm.

  12. Love the sweater!

    The rest of your post reminded me of what the L&D nurse said on WB’s birthday, one year ago today: “Now you have a good association with today, a living expression of hope.”

  13. The colours are very beautiful. I think the surprise must be becuse until you sew it up it looks nothing like a sweater. Great work

  14. I think that the the Hello Yarn Fat Sock Yarn and the BSJ make a perfect combo. I think yours, and the brown one that Adrian knit, are my very two favorite BSJs. I’ve already faved it in Ravelry 🙂

  15. Very cute BSJ. What yarn did you use? Did you mention that bit of info in your blog and I just missed it? I love the colors.

  16. love it!
    Magical patterns like that are such fun (and a work of faith!) fortunately it was E.Z. so the faith was well placed.
    I just love the colors too.

  17. How adorable is this? TOO Adorable! Lucky baby.

    I’ve got to try and knit another one soon. The first one went to frog-land because I didn’t like the color combination. Maybe I’ll spin something for one?

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