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Let’s Twist!

If you want something done then do it yourself, right? Yesterday afternoon I was home, the sweater was dry and the sun was shining. I had everything I needed except a photographer. I decided it was as good a time as any to try using my new remote. So I set up the tripod in the fiber room and I took some photos of me wearing my newly finished Twist sweater.

It took a while to get the settings right. There were a lot of pictures with my head cut off. And more than a few that weren’t very flattering. But I managed to be happy with a handful.

The pattern is from Bonne Marie and I fell in love with Caro’s last year at SPA. I had this brown Peace Fleece in the stash and decided it would be perfect for a tweedy and very warm cabled sweater for myself. Remember when I was afraid of cables? Now I laugh in the fast of cables! Ha! Cables!!

I cast on last April and got the back and one of the fronts finished before the weather turned so warm that a hot sweater in my lap was unbearable. I picked it up again at the beginning of September. My goal was to have it finished by my birthday and I did. In fact, I finished it on my birthday while knitting at the beach. A perfect ending to the knitting of the first sweater I’ve knit for myself that I truly love.

I knit the size 42 and it’s a little big but that’s just how I wanted it. I also made it about an inch and a half longer than the pattern called for and the length is just right. Well, except for the length of the sleeves as they are a bit long. But that does make it very cozy and I can always fold up the cuffs if they get in the way.

And here’s something really funny – all those cables and all that knitting and shaping and the thing I love most is the collar. That simple twisted rib pattern is such a great finishing touch to this sweater.

I love it and I plan on getting a lot of wear out of it – starting at Rhinebeck!

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  1. The sweater is lovely. The pictures are even better. I foresee more photoshoots in your future. 🙂

  2. Carole, that’s BEAUTIFUL!!!
    (I’ve just realized that my bloglines isn’t picking you up, so I’m behind in commenting, I’m sorry!)

  3. I love it! I’m thinking about my next sweater, and I forgot how much I like this pattern. I tried on Caro’s too, but when I see you at Rhinebeck, I might make you strip so I can try yours on too 🙂 (PS, my bloglines just caught up on you!)

  4. You look particularly lovely in that last photo. And the sweater’s not bad either 😉

    And you’re right about Bloglines. I just got *five* feeds for you today. Grr.

  5. Twist looks great on you, great job with the photo shoot. The last picture is a really nice picture of you. I have been thinking of making Twist for a long time, maybe I should cast on.

  6. I love that last shot of you. You look so pretty and happy! Very nice job Carole. I really want to make this sweater now and I can’t say that I thought that before.

  7. WOWEE!! That’s fantastic! Yours is so gorgeous that I really feel like I want to move mine up my queue. I LOVE the last photo of you the best. You’re gorgeous!

  8. Great job on Twist! To think that just a mere year or so ago you were afraid of cables…….look at you now!

    See you soon 🙂

  9. Hahah, I saw the sweater in person before I saw this post! (Last week was a bit wiggy for me!) Of course I love it — it’s almost like mine! I was saying I think I’ll make another one just like mine, but now I think I’ll make the new one Twist. !!! Beautiful, and it looks great on you.

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