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Slow Learner’s School

Much of last week’s knitting turned out to be a bust.  No matter how many times I tell myself to listen to the little voice in my head, well, sometimes I still don’t.  Allow me to explain.

I’ve been really wanting to knit Kirsten’s Genmaicha mitts.  I wanted a pair when she first released the design and then I wanted them even more when I saw Margene’s.  I had a cake of yarn all wound up that I thought would be perfect.  It was part of a swap from Elizabeth and I really thought it was sock yarn and I really thought it was fingering weight.

I cast on last week and off I went.  The little voice in my head told me the fabric  was too stiff and the cast on edge was a bit ruffly.  I rationalized that the yarn was probably a heavy sock weight.  A very heavy sock weight.  Still okay, though, I thought.  I fired off an email to Elizabeth to check on what yarn this actually was since I had long ago lost the ball band.  She told me it was Duet Sock Yarn.  A DK weight.

I was about 2/3 finished with the left mitt at that point and decided it would be fine.  Sure, it looked a little big but it was pretty and the cables were very lovely and I just knit on, ignoring the voice in my head telling me to start over with a different yarn.

I finished the mitt on Friday.  I knit the thumb and wove in the ends and then I tried it on.

Sigh.  Too big.

Look at the ruffling at the cast off edge.

Look at the thumb, fer crying out loud!

Saturday morning I trolled through the stash and found a navy blue skein of Jessie’s A Piece of Vermont Sock Yarn.  I started over on Monday, having spent Saturday and Sunday finishing up clue #2 of the TTL Mystery Sock Pattern.  I’ve still got a little ways to go on the left mitt but take a look:

There.  That’s much better.

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  1. Every knitter stops listening to her little voice at some point. We always pay and always find our way back. At least you know you’ll listen for at least another year or two. 😉 Nice mitt!

  2. I have ignored that voice so many times. You’d think we’d learn faster.
    The new mitts are going to be lovely and it was worth all the frustration to get there.
    Bloglines caught your feed for the first time for me in over a week. Yay!

  3. Oh lovely! And if you want to finish the original pair I’ll gladly buy them off of you- I have rather large hands and I do love me some red as you know. Just sayin’.

  4. The first mitt did look large on your hands, the second mitt is perfection, I love the color and it looks like it fits well. Have you thought of frogging the first mitt as it looks like it would make a really nice cowl.

  5. Oh, dear, wove in the ends and everything?! Alas. The new mitt’s looking good at least! (And why is it that we ALL ignore that little voice of reason?)

  6. How pretty!I have Genmaicha in my queue but there always seems to be something else needing to be finished first.Sigh.I will have to admire yours for now.

  7. OH…I feel so bad for you, b/c that first yarn is soooooooo pretty knitted up! So unravel it and tell us what it’s to become now?

  8. Been there, done that. I knit one hand of that mitt with three different yarns until I got the look I wanted. I love the pattern! Your’s are lovely!

  9. Oh, I hate it when that has happens. Sometimes it’s really hard to know if the “little voice” is right until you’re almost done! The new pair is looking great!

  10. I was just starting to worry about you when i realized your new-ish URL wasn’t in my bloglines. DUH!! Now I’m caught up and my morning Carole dose is restored, aaah muchbeter.
    Now about the gloves. They are gorgoeus in both sizes. And I have large hands. Just thought you should know. 😉

  11. Cute mitts x2 🙂

    Hey Carole, if you’re knitting the TTL Mystery Sock don’t you join us at Sock Knitters Anonymous on Rav? We do a Mystery Sock every other month and have great challenges every month!

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