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It’s day 3 of a 3 day weekend here at Carole Knits.  Something about Columbus Day ignites my nesting instinct and I want to decorate the house for fall and roast things in the oven and light candles.  And drink red wine.  Ahem.

Dale has been working a lot with the band (4 jobs in 3 days!) but we did manage to have a nice dinner at home Saturday night.

The table looked pretty like this but it looked even better when I served up the cornish game hens, wild rice stuffing and asparagus.  Mmm.

Hope you had some special time with your family this weekend, too.

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  1. Cornish game hen makes for such a special meal and does evoke thoughts of making things warm and cozy and the photo is lovely.

  2. Great picture, one that evokes everything I love about this time of year. It’s a bit warmer than normal, though, so I’m not quite feeling the “retreat-into-the-dark-cozy-house-nesting” thing. Soon enough…

  3. LOVE the fabric pumpkin. Did you make it? Can you point me to a pattern? (If not, I’ll google, but if you have the info handy…)

  4. I am still waiting for fall temperatures, but I sure am enjoying myself through everyone else’s autumn experiences. That dinner sounds wonderful.

  5. your table looks so beautiful – and the dinner sounds like it was yumm.
    I used to love decorating the table like that – but I don’t do it often nowadays.

  6. So peaceful and cozy! We don’t “do” Columbus day here in Wisconsin, but I always feel very nesty this time of year, too. Love it!

  7. Sounds like a great dinner. Actually, I am thinking of making one of those for Thanksgiving Day…since I’ll be by myself…or maybe I’ll go down to one of the churches and help them that day…if any of them are doing a dinner…

  8. Hmmmmm – it smells so good! We had a great time this weekend! Worked our butts of at the Festival – but it was worth it!

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