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A Little Favor

Is it really Monday already?  I had a great weekend with just the right amount of stuff-to-do and doing nothing.  There was a lot of spinning, some knitting, hanging out with my two best friends from college, and an afternoon in Plymouth with Dale.  Good times but nothing really significant enough to blog about.  Instead I’m going to blog about something that’s weighing on my mind.

As you may recall, my father died a little over 2 years ago.  It took almost a whole year for me to be named executrix of his estate and when that did finally happen I started trying to sell his mobile home.  As you may have heard (insert sarcasm) the real estate market is in a bit of a downturn these days and this home remains unsold.  Sigh.

I was able to rent it for the past year and that helped a bit but now my tenant has moved to Florida and I’m stuck with rent payments, utility payments, insurance and other associated costs with owning a mobile home.  The money left in my father’s bank account is about gone so I really need this place to sell.  Now.  I wake up in the night worrying about what’s going to happen.

I have seen over and over again the power that you all have when you work together.  So I’m asking now.  Would you all think positive thoughts for the sale of this mobile home?  Thank you.  My family and I really really appreciate this.

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  1. Oh, honey. You should be past all this by now, and able to focus on the happy memories of your dad. Instead you’re saddled with this stress and lingering problem, and that’s just not right. You BET I’ll pray for the swift sale – you need this off your hands and off your heart!

  2. I’m on it, Carole!! And I have a feeling that by the end of the day, you’ll have an overwhelming amoung of psychic energy aimed at this challenge!


  3. The Real Estate Market is in a slump, but you have so many talents, be sure to stage this mobile to the best of your ability to make it more appealing. Create a homey atmosphere in it for potential buyers, Display your crafts in it to warm it up a bit. Are there any local Real Estate Agents that can perhaps rent the place for you – quickly? I know what its like to be in your situation, when my father passed away I had to keep taking care of my mom financially and still do (at one point I had to work 2 jobs to do it). So my heart goes out to you and I want the best for you.

  4. I so feel your pain. Tell you what – you think good thoughts for MY house to sell, and I’m doing the same for yours!

  5. I see that several other commenters already mentioned the St. Joseph statue buried head down in the yard. Why this works, nobody knows. Will also think good thoughts.

  6. I am praying right now for you. for you to be worrying like that it has to be weighing heavily on you. There IS a buyer coming real soon. Let’s just stay positive!!

    Good thoughts. Good thoughts………..

  7. Sending you good thoughts and vibes that it sells very soon. So sorry you’re saddled with this.

  8. I’ll send you all my good sale vibes. I no longer need them since I bit the bullet and let my dad’s townhouse slip into foreclosure last month. There was just nothing left in the estate. Sending in the keys and telling the bank to start the proceedings was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done.

    Sell, sell, sell.

  9. I’m sending good thoughts your way. Where is the trailer located? I’m sure you have already done all of this, but try to think of any places that might have a good base of peole that need a rental. Is it near any military base? College students can be iffy but if they pay the rent and you collect a decent security deposit…

    I don’t know – just throwing some thoughts out there.

  10. I’m buying a mobile home! I didn’t have the full amount the seller was asking but we worked out payment arrangements instead of financing. I’m responsible for the taxes and the space rental, plus I pay him the agreed payment towards the mobile. It’s registered in my name but he holds the lien. I’m very happy because the total payments are less than renting a home. The seller’s happy because he’s saving all expenses, has none of the responsibilitis, and he was able to sell when, as you know, nothing is selling.

  11. Will be sending good real estate thoughts.
    Also, do the St. Joseph thing, and, if you haven’t already, check with a property management company about getting it rented again. Or, what Linda said, if you feel like carrying the payments yourself.

  12. St. Joseph has sold 2 of my houses in the past. I buried him upside-down, facing the house, within a few feet of the back door. Go St. Joe.

    Here’s to manifesting the sale!!

  13. My very strong selling thoughts have been sent to you, Carole. Hope our collective strength can help you with this endeavor.

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