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Let’s Do the Time Warp Again

See that? That’s a sock. Just a plain, ordinary 3X1 ribbed sock for Dale. And yet – it’s kicking my ass. I swear, I knit around and around and around on this thing and it just simply refuses to grow. The other day I measured, knit for an hour, measured again and it was shorter. I am not kidding.

Truly, this sock is the black hole of sock knitting.

I can hear you laughing, you know. Stop that. This is serious.

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  1. I have a sleeve that has a similar ailment. It’s not getting smaller, it just keeps eating yarn with no growth. I think my issue is that I have too many things in progress. It feels like I’m knitting a lot on them all, when actually, I’m just knitting a lot.

  2. I am knitting a pair of man sock, two at a time and I swear that I am going backwards also!! Next time maybe DK weight. Good luck!

  3. Haha, YES, I saw it at the end in the comments — someone said DK weight, but I’m suggesting go for broke — HEAVY WORSTED boot socks.

  4. I know you heard me laugh when you wrote that you knit for an hour and it got shorter!

    Oh, I have been there – and this week it has been with a scarf that is 6 inches away from being finished – and every day when I measure after having knit all evening – it is still 6 inches away…

    So know I was laughing at myself, too…

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