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She Wore Crushed Velvet

It has been unseasonably cold here for several days. This weather has not been conducive for a photo shoot for the finished and blocked Oh Canada stole so today you get socks. After all, a sock photo shoot takes mere minutes. And that’s about all I could stand to be outside for this weekend.

The yarn is Sophie’s Toes and the color is called Crushed Velvet. Perfect for the upcoming holiday season, I think.

You know the drill – 64 stitches with a picot edge. It’s dull but it works. And when the yarn is as colorful as this stuff it’s really not ever dull at all.

Honestly, this yarn is so yummy I could knit with it all the time. It’s squooshy and comes in some really awesome color combinations. And when I wear socks knit from this stuff I feel like my feet are getting a hug. Really.

Is that weird?

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  1. Not weird. I love the massage my feet get from a pair of socks handknit from a good yarn. And I prefer to knit plain vanilla socks out of colorful yarn – patterning is fun in a scarf or shawl, but for some reason I don’t enjoy doing it in the round on a sock. A little rib, perhaps, and I’m good to go.

    The color reminds me of Christmas lights viewed through a rainy window – pretty!

  2. Very pretty. I’m feeling a visit to the frog pond coming on for the Jaywalkers I’m knitting – the virtues of a plain stockinette sock are quite clear to me at the moment!!

  3. Your socks look cozy. 🙂 I fear it’s been unseasonably cold everywhere. Even the southerners are feeling it. Does this mean that everyone is in for a hard winter?

  4. Beautiful socks!! In a way I hope it’s this cold all winter. It will snow less often and the snow will be light and fluffy. Your feet will be toasty warm in your new socks.

  5. Looking at yours and knowinng how quickly you knit them, I think I make mine WAY too lonh in the calf. Those are beautie and I could use them this morning!

  6. Ooh, purty. 64 stitches you say? What size needles? I keep ripping out my current sock – maybe plain with a picot edge is the way to go.

  7. Very nice. If you’re weird for that then there’s a whole lot of us weirdos around. lol. It’s no weirder than walking up to someone at Rhinebeck that you don’t even know and stroking her sweater.

  8. Nope. Not weird at all…and I agree with you on the sock pattern, except that I do 52 stitches on the foot and 60 on the cuff.
    Boring, but great mindless knitting, and the yarn SHINES!
    LOVE your Sophies Toes!

  9. They look great! Ok, dumb question, maybe, but I’ve never knit socks. I’ve made afghans, and placemats and even Christmas stockings, but I have never made socks because I’ve always figured that they would look miserable after a couple trips to the washing machine. Am I “all wet”? 😉 Or do you have to hand wash them?

  10. Gorgeous yarn + hand knitting = a hug for your feet. That’s just the way it is! Otherwise, why would we knit socks?

    Those are really pretty…

  11. Beauteaous holiday socks! They’re not dull at all, rather just the right mix of festive color and comfort. (Hm… I could use a bit of each meself.)

  12. Pretty socks, pretty colors – I like “a hug for your feet!” I machine wash all my socks, but DO dry them on a rack, rather than in the dryer.

  13. You’re not weird at all. My 21 year old was the first person I heard use the phrase. Year before last, when I knit him his first pair of socks, he sent me a musical thank you card that played the song “Thank you very much, that’s the nicest thing that anyone’s ever done for me.” from some musical. He then wrote me a note about the socks being like hugs for his feet and that he felt he got a hug from me every time that he put them on. He told his roommate the same thing, constantly, and then I had to knit HIM a pair of socks (not a problem except these boys have BIG feet!
    I love your socks. I will have to look into that yarn, I love the colors.

  14. LOVE the colors! Thanks for the link. I hope my husband and kids understand my insistence to NOT buy me a Christmas gift. I buy enough for myself – mostly yarn!

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