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A Gift

Brace yourselves for I am about to show you some finished knitting for the second day in a row. Don’t worry, though, I’m sure it won’t become a habit. Nevertheless, here we have a finished Lace Ribbon Scarf.

Apparently every picture I take these days is modeled on the sled by my back door. Claudia says it’s festive and that works for me.

Want to see a little bit closer? Please note the lovely stripes and crispness of the lace pattern. What yarn is it, you ask? Well, the fiber is Gale’s Art BFL that I bought at Maryland Sheep & Wool this past May. Which would mean that this yarn is my handspun. Let me clarify – it’s my handspun singles.

I bet that makes you want to see even closer. Right?

I have given the scarf to my dear friend Blogless Sharon for her birthday. I figure that only another spinner can really appreciate a gift knit from handspun singles and I still feel bad about going to Maryland without her. The grin on her face when I gave it to her last night makes me think that she has forgiven me.

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  1. The scarf is beautiful…and out of your own handspun singles – that is truly a special gift. I am sure Sharon loves it!

  2. The scarf is wonderful. I have purchased a skein of homespun yarn once on ebay. While we may not all be able to spin, knitters have a true appreciation for the art of spinning and feel very fortunate when they are able to knit with it. This scarf was pretty enough for an Eye Candy Friday.

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