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Random Tuesday

I was going to do a Ten on Tuesday post today but I was struggling a bit with the topic so I gave up. See, it’s supposed to be the 10 best gifts you’ve ever given and I honestly can’t think of 10 things I’ve given that have been so great. The time I gave Hannah tickets to Wicked was pretty good. And the year she got a cell phone was also memorable. She was pretty excited about her first doll house and I know Dale has loved some of his gifts over the years but — meh. So instead you get some randomness.

~I went to my 25th high school class reunion a couple of weeks ago. It was surprisingly fun. Of course, all those people there looked a lot older than me and that helped. Just saying.

~I had to put on pantyhose the night of my class reunion. Apparently this is now an aerobic activity for me. I was huffing and puffing by the time I got them situated. I think I need to seriously assess my lack of exercise.

~The holiday schedule at the library is so complicated this year I had to create a spreadsheet to keep track of everyone’s time off, time owed, comp time . . . you get the idea.

~I am going to some psychic medium thingy tonight. I’m not sure why I agreed to this but I did and well, I’m just not sure what I think about it. Should be interesting and will at least give me something to blog about, right?

~While my Christmas shopping is about done, I haven’t wrapped much of anything and I haven’t baked a single cookie. I’m off all next week but I’m starting to feel a bit behind on all this stuff.

~At least the tree is finally up. And I learned a really cool bokeh trick, too.

That’s my Random Tuesday.

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  1. Cool… can’t wait to hear about the psychic medium thing! All I remember about the last time I put on panty hose is that none on hand fit 🙂

  2. you don’t need to stress. it could be worse. i haven’t gotten close to finishing my shopping. but like you i’ve got next week off so that will give me a little time. cool bokeh trick. i’ve got all sorts of fun hole punches i want try.

  3. Cool camera trick! Can we see what your contraption looks like?

    I predict you will bike over 400 miles in 2009! (Keep a log or get a cyclometer, you’ll surprise yourself.)

  4. I’m with you. No cookies at all this year – yet. I feel very lacking. I remember my mom making tons of cookies (and there were 5 kids around). I think the present wrapping will come first though…

  5. I think putting on pantyhose counts as aerobic activity.

    I haven’t baked one cookie yet either and it’s hard to be in the xmas spirit with no cookies! I need cookies!

  6. I too look forward to hearing about the psychic medium thing. My mother’s friend is a big believer and regularly talks with her psychic.
    I can’t remember the last time I put on pantyhose. It may have been the 80’s…

  7. I call them panting hose for that very reason!

    I have baked some cookies, including the Polish ones you mentioned. My vanilla had gone bad, so I’m anxious to make them again! Delish!

    I, too, can’t wait to hear about the medium. I’ve been to a couple. Entertaining if nothing else!

    Happy Chewsday!

  8. I don’t know….I’m in pretty damn good shape, and putting on pantyhose is an aerobic activity for me, too. I think it’s because I hate them so. Heh.

    It always makes me laugh when you see a VERY SEXAY WOMAN putting on hose in a movie or on a commercial, and they just practically BREATHE on, on their own. Bleh.

    That is not to say you shouldn’t exercise — you should! 😀

  9. cool about the psychic (some of them are the genuine article – some are quacks) It’ll be fun to hear what happens.
    And I love that lace ribbon scarf from a couple posts ago – beautiful handspun!

  10. That bokeh is wicked cool!

    Hee hee – the only reason I can think of to go to a HS reunion would be because my angular gawkiness, much mocked in HS, translates to aging very well. Ha!

  11. I like that bokeh trick. Also, pantyhouse are horrible. If you had not been subjected to them recently, all of the presents would be wrapped, the cookies would be baked, and the library scheduling would be simple. Yes, pantyhose are an evil unleashed upon this world and responsible for much stress and trouble.

  12. Cracking up about the pantyhose- I completely agree! So pleased I don’t have to wear any anytime soon- pulling them up one handed or asking one’s spouse to help out are just out of the question! Our storm put us so far behind the 8 ball it’s not even funny! On the phone for roof repair and tree removal estimates this week. At least you have your tree up! Hope to have ours up by this weekend.

  13. Pantyhose??? Nevah! Cruel, cruel things. Last time I wore those I had my shoes off in my classroom and ran/slid into a chair. Broke my foot.

    I took a personal day from work so I could find some holiday magic. Wrapping gifts all day today to Josh Groban’s Christmas music.

  14. Went to my 30th in March and didn’t even recognize some of the guys! Many were fat and bald! The girls looked pretty good and I recognized most of them. It didn’t help that I hadn’t seen most of them in the intervening 30 years (I moved out of state after going to college out of state and my parents moved, and I ended up on the list of the missing).Oh , and I had to wear pantyhose too…major aerobic event for me too. Think I need to get back on the treadmill!

  15. The psychic-medium thing sounds like great fun. “Hmm… very odd… I see miles and miles of string. And I see a man who is important in your life… I think his name begins with an R… does your husband know about this?”

    I am having a somewhat similar experience colliding with long-lost HS classmates on Facebook…

  16. Very cool trick.

    I’ll be interested to hear what you think of tonight. Btw, I’m the only cookie here and it’s going to stay that way. :p

  17. Totally agree – panty hose and tights – for sure – total exercise requirements met for an entire week!

    Oh, please tell us what happens when you go to the psychic thing tonight. I used to attend a Metaphysical Church when we lived in FL and there were always messages from beyond for us. I’d like to know what you think after you’ve been.

  18. I’ve gone to psychic medium thingys in the past, they are always interesting.

    I’ve been dying to make one of those bokeh thingys too. Just haven’t found a piece of cardstock yet.

  19. christmas has definitely come up on me faster than normal this year. i’m off next week too, and i’m looking forward to having some time to catch up.

  20. Exercise dials back that age clock, both physically, and in the appearance. It’s worth it, even though it’s a bitch in the discipline area.

    You have LOTS of time. Relax.

  21. I can’t wait to hear about your medium experience. Eww…..pantyhose…………

    I would love to learn about the falling snowflakes too……’s so pretty

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