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Reflections on Knitting, 2008

Now that I’ve (mostly) caught you up on the stuff I finished in the last few weeks (except for a cowl and a hat) I think it’s high time I get to my recap post for 2008.

As always, I’ll start with my stats from 2008:

18 pairs of socks
5 sweaters
3 pairs of mitts/mittens
8 scarves
5 hats
4 shawls
2 dish clothes
2 tea cozies

That adds up to a grand total 47 items. I’m down 13 from last year but I knit 2 more sweaters and 5 more scarves than I did in 2007 and I bet that accounts for the reduction in number of items.

Now let’s look at my knitting goals for 2008 and see how I did.

Goals for 2008:
1. Knit another pair of stranded mittens. Whoops. But I am doing a pair now and I have plans for at least another pair or two this month in celebration of NaKniMitMo.
2. Knit a sweater for me. I knit Twist for myself and I love it so this one is done.
3. Expand my sock knitting techniques. I think it’s time to try toe up, short row heels and short row toes. Just to say I can. Okay, I didn’t try toe up but I did try short row heels again and I decided that I don’t like them. I did try two-socks-at-a-time on one long circular and I didn’t like that either. Frankly, I’ve decided that I’m happy knitting socks the way I knit them and I don’t need to change it.

Goals for 2009:
1. Keep doing what I’m doing. Sweaters, mittens, hats, scarves – I will knit whatever strikes my fancy.
2. Knit at least 18 pairs of socks. I think I need to set a sock number goal to keep my production high on this so that’s why I’m doing. And it’s hardly a chore since socks are my favorite thing to knit.
3. Try intarsia. I have no particular pattern in mind but now that I’m reasonably comfortable with stranded knitting I think it’s time to learn this skill.
4. Learn to crochet enough to add crochet edgings to my knit pieces. I’d really like to knit Thorpe but I’m intimidated by that crochet edge.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

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  1. Very productive year! Don’t be afraid of the crochet… it’s quite easy… I always suggest people make 1 granny square as practice.

    I too, am not a fan of the short row heel, but I love toe-up socks. I am resolving to learn the toe-up heel gusset/flap method a la wendy.

  2. That’s an impressive list! Congratulations.
    I took a quickie class on crochet at a LYS about 1.5 years ago. It was the best thing I could have done. You won’t see me doing any crochet sweaters, but I love being able to add the occasional quick trim or work up a quick hat for one of the girls.

  3. Wow, you were REALLY productive!

    If you change your mind about toe-up, I have a good toe-up with heel flap pattern…

  4. Lovely pair of intarsia socks in the fall vogue(the issue with the green mitten on cover). this would cover items on your list, socks and intarsia. Anyway the sock is by Mags Kandis and is in the Canada section

  5. That is an amazing number of FOs. I have loved all the pictures of your beautiful FOs with Hannah this last week. You and Susan sure are fortunate to have such fashion models lying around the house just waiting for the FO photo shoots!

  6. Crochet is EASY! Easier than cables, even…

    I never remember to keep track of what-all I produce during the year, but, WOW!! I don’t think I even come close…. You Rock!

  7. Hey Carole, I think you got your years mixed up on your goal headings. Anyway, I envy your production, too.

  8. At least 18 pr of socks!? You’ve got my whipped already.

    I need to look back through your projects – I’ve been wishing to make Twist.

  9. You are insanely productive! I recently tried the short row heel (good instructions at CosmicPluto) and it’s quick and easy. How will it fit? Don’t know yet.

  10. Intarsia is highly overrated, but it might be worth a try. Crochet is easy enough, but find a good teacher. If only I lived closer!

  11. Way to go! What don’t you like about short-row heels? I swear by them, but I find them a little too small if I work them on half the sts, so I “borrow” a couple from each side. They’re especially useful when you’re working toe up, as they don’t care which way you’re coming from. I also swear by toe up and short-row toes. About the only time I would work cuff down would be if I were using a st pattern that would look upside down the other way.

    Crochet is easy! Come see me any time, and I will start you down the road to happy hooking. (Mwahaha.)

  12. I wonder how many miles of yarn that was. Thoroughly impressed!

    A bit of crochet like that is actually fun. I’d struggled with crochet forever (forty+ years) until Linda of Grafton Fibers set me up with a super comfy crochet hook and showed me a different way to hold it. What a difference! It’s an especially nice skill for edgings on shawls, much easier and quicker than knitting a similar bind-off.

    Intarsia. Learned from Sasha Kagan, in the 80’s, back when we were young — she is a lot of fun, sort of kooky but she totally gets intarsia. She made all the fussy things like tension and changing colors super easy and logical. Still have my first pieces from that class. She’s got a blog and is still publishing and teaching. There’s a great scotty dog pattern in one of her older books (try the library?). Keely Stuever at SWAK has written some great intarsia patterns and a how-to book, too. She’s wonderful.

  13. you were busy in 2008! that’s a lot of FOs. i admire you for wanting to try intarsia – i personally can’t stand it!

  14. Inspiring! You will have no problem with the crochet on a Thorpe, in fact, it should empower you, go for it! It soundsl like you can find someone local to help but if not there are a lot of good instructionals for basic crochet online.
    How about intarsia socks?

  15. You have inspired me, I think I will write a list of things to try in 2009 for my blog. It is funny the things that intimidate us. I have seen many of your knits and they intimidate me, but a crochet edge, I can do, funny, isn’t it? I look forward to cheering you on throughout 2009.

  16. You might still think about the toe-ups since you will invariably come across The Special Sock Yarn and want to get every last inch out of it. For intarsia, why not argyle socks?

  17. It is rewarding to actually write it all down and see how much you accomplished. I know that I loose track of how many objects I completed; a year-end wrap up is a good thing.

    Congratulations on your knitting achievements! We look forward to seeing a mixed knitting/crocheting summary next year.

  18. You had a great knitting year. Crochet is easy, easier than knitting. I bet you could pick a book up at the library.
    I really like reading your goals for this year. Maybe I should write something down goal-wise and see what happens.

  19. That is a very impressive knitting year! The only way I could knit 18 pairs of socks in one year is if they were all knit with worsted weight or if they were all baby socks. Your knitting is inspiring!

  20. Those are some great goals for this year.

    I love sock knitting – and was not being productive and think I finally figured out why once I tried that Mystery Sock that we did for this year from Kristen. I was bored with my old sock pattern – I need patterns that have something going on – like a pattern or color changes – to keep my interest. Hopefully there will be more socks from me this year!!!

  21. Amazing.
    Just that. You are amazing.
    And I’ll watch you do intarsia. Somehow, I have just no desire at all to learn that. But that’s just me.

  22. Your dishes wear clothes? Maybe it’s the Boston winters? Kidding, just wanted to razz you, maybe there really are dishclothes. I received a lovely teapot from my mom for Christmas and I want to knit a tea cozy. I can look through your bog but was there a pattern that you really liked?

  23. Wonderful list and goals!

    #3 really sounds like you. I’m glad you’re happy with how you’re doing socks. Although, I agree with Carrie. You’ll find a yarn you love so much you’ll have to do toe-up.

    Crochet is not nearly as hard as it seems from the outside. You’ll get it in no time. I promise.

  24. Your daughter is gorgeous. Now I want to make the flared smoke ring and especially Oh Canada. LOVE the blue.

  25. wow – that’s seriously impressive. goals would be a good thing for me. maybe this year my goal should just be to set some goals…..

  26. Anyone who has knit 18 pairs of socks this past year shouldn’t change a thing! You’ve set (and met) some impressive goals. As usual, you’ve inspired me. Think I need to set some goals for myself.

  27. Great stats AND great goals! Too bad we are on opposite coasts, or I would get you crocheting in no time… taught myself back in high school, and it’s not hard, but I just don’t like it as much as knitting. It is good to diversify:)

  28. That looks like a great balance between sticking with what you know works for you, and challenging yourself with new things. Your 2009 is bound to be great with a plan like that.

  29. Wow, you’ve been BUSY! I haven’t commented in a while, Carole, but I don’t want you to think it’s because I’m not talking to you (grin).

  30. That is a hugely productive list! Me, I’m just hoping I can knit again in 2009. This arm/elbow/neck thing is starting to distress me.

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