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Flared Lace Smoke Ring

The post titles have been so original this week, haven’t they? I guess I just don’t have any clever and witty titles to go with these finished knits. Nevertheless, we complete the Hannah Trifecta today by showing her modeling the Flared Lace Smoke Ring.

I’ve had this pattern in my queue for years but just never got around to knitting it.  Then one day a few weeks ago I was in Saftler’s and I spied some Plymouth Earth Ecco Cashmere.  It was super soft (Hello, Cashmere) and reasonably priced and this pattern instantly popped into my head.  I knew it would be a perfect combination and I was right.

I love the natural color.

I love that it can be worn softly around the neck or pulled up over the head for extra warmth.

I love the girl modeling it for me, too, but you already know that. She’s cute and charming and smart and funny. She’s a good friend and a great daughter. And despite her complaints about the cold, well, she loves to act and model. In fact, here she is channeling her inner 50s movie star.

The drama overfloweth.

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  1. Oh – I didnd’t know you could wear it like that?? Now – now I’m interested!! Hannah reminds me so much of how I’m dreaming Kathryn will be in a few years. *hoping*

  2. You’ve still got that poor kid out in the cold modeling handknits?! (Kidding….beautiful smoke ring, beautiful girl, even with that blue tinge to her skin.)

  3. Adorable! Both of them! I love the smoke ring pattern too. There must be something appropriate in the stash for that…

  4. The cowl is beautiful and Hannah looks like she is posing for an 8×10 glossy for her portfolio! Thanks for sharing!

  5. How long was that child outside without a coat? No wonder she got whiny. *L*

    Another beautiful project! That pattern is on my list, too. Maybe it’s time to go hunting for yarn now that I’ve seen how lovely yours is.

  6. I’ve been fondling that ecco cashmere every time I go into the LYS! I love what you did with it … Now I’m thinking about copying you!

  7. Another dramatic knit. Lovely.
    And look out Anne Hathaway. The next Hepburn is working her mojo!

  8. Beautifully light and airy. Bet it’s nice and warm. I like the natural too. It’ll go with everything. As Erin said you have been a busy little knitter-bee!

  9. Absolutely gorgeous… I gotta feel for Hannah though, her nose looks red in one of those. I know it’s much colder there at your house than at mine.

  10. wow. Love it! great pattern, and such a divine use for cashmere. I’ll bet that it is divine around your neck.
    love that last photo of Hannah – and I bet that you could totally pull off the 50’s glam too!

  11. Happy New Year to you and your family! The last three featured knits (red, white, and blue, incidentally) are all gorgeous, as is your model daughter :).

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