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Zetor Scarf

Saturday’s photo shoot was only just beginning with the shots of Oh! Canada.  Despite Hannah’s complaints about the cold I told her to suck it up and deal.  I may have threatened and bribed a bit, too.  Anything for my art, you know.

Here we have the Zetor Scarf knit in Brooks Farm Primero.  This was a fast little knit in the week leading up to Christmas.  I call this my Heat Miser shawl because the color reminds me of the Heat Miser’s hair.

Hannah’s complaints about the cold had me hurrying so much that I didn’t even noticed that most of these shots are lousy and overexposed.  Once I did notice, she was already inside by the woodstove and there was no coaxing her back outdoors so we’re stuck with these.

Frankly, I’m not that thrilled with this shawl and the fact that the photos aren’t great sort of goes along with my feelings in general.  It’s not the pattern – that’s beautiful.  It’s the yarn.  I should have learned my lesson the first time I used this stuff but I didn’t.

Even though it’s not the light and flirty little shawl I thought it would be, the red does brighten up my charcoal grey wool jacket and I’ve worn it several times in the last couple of weeks.

Honestly, though, I think I’m done with the mohair.  I’m just not crazy about the mo.  You know?

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  1. Now I’ll be singing that Heat Miser song all day! I wonder if it will help ward off the nasty weather heading our way.
    The shawl looks beautiful to me. But I know what you mean about the mohair. I’ve got two mohair shawls that I never wear.

  2. I haven’t knit with mohair yet. It makes me itch like a sonofagun when I wear it, though. I do think the shawl is beautiful.

  3. Ahh the heat miser. I would like him to come visit. 🙂 The shawl looks great and I bet that color is wonderful bright contrast to dreary cold days.

  4. The color would be gorgeous with about anything. Zetor is a heavier pattern that looks light, but isn’t, it’s so dense. Even though you don’t care for it I’ll bet you wear it often.

  5. I’ve seen so many lovely things knit with mohair but I HATE working with it!! That color is wonderful!! Nice Job!

  6. the color is fantastic, and like Margene said, you’ll probably reach for it a lot even though you don’t love it. I have some projects that I don’t love but are wearable and functional and I use them more than I expected to.

  7. I kinda like the over exposed- really looks like California sunshine – it could be interpreted as an artistic touch. This color would also look great with camel. Red is my favorite color and goes great with so many other colors. Quite the mom – to be able to get your daughter to pose like this in the freezing cold and her expressions are very good and she looks like she is enjoying herself on a warm and sunny day.

  8. It’s a different shawl in that yarn, but I really like it. I’m a fan of mohair, especially Brooks Farm. Maybe it’s one of those fibers you either love or hate.

  9. I think it’s gorgeous – and the slight overexposure in the pics in kind of arty 🙂 I bet it’s warm, if not light. But if you don’t like the mo, ain’t nothing wrong with that!

  10. I’m not a huge mohair lover either. I like a bit of it in a wooly yarn (like Lamb’s Pride or Peace Fleece) but I don’t care for it on its own.

  11. Lovely shawl and lovelier daughter. So what did you briber her with? …Cuz , I have a teen daughter and I would like to know what works….:)

  12. What a beautiful young woman Hannah is turning into. Of course that color is one of my most favorite colors, so I would love it on just about anyone, but it’s extra pretty on Hannah 🙂

  13. I’m still working on mine in black Alpaca With A Twist (80/20 Alpaca and Silk). Sigh. I’ve used about 60 g so far, but with a ways to go.

  14. I know exactly what you mean. I’ve got the start of a shawl on Brooks Farm something with Mo in it at home and I just can’t make myself work with the Mo. No Mo for me.

  15. Really? I like the look of the shawl, but I have yet to knit the skein of Primero in my stash. Highly variegated Primero, I might add. Hmmmm…

  16. The shawl looks great and I think it’s wonderful that even though you aren’t crazy about it you’re still wearing it and liking the usefulness of the scarf. I feel the same way about mohair … meh.

  17. It’s a gorgeous shawl, and it looks very warm and landscape-brightening. The mohair does seem to obscure the lace pattern somewhat. Now you’ve got me wondering about a more suitable pattern for that yarn, as I have a superfluity of mohair myself.

  18. When I knit Zetor I blocked the points too hard and they cupped. Should have gone with the straighter edge! Steam iron un-cupped them, luckily.

    Is the Brooks Farm mohair coarse (and scratchy)? First and second clips (6 months and yearling) tend to be rather lovely, but anything older than that and the genetics really come into play. There are a few bloodlines where the ewes maintain a relatively soft staple, but it’s never quite the same as those early clips.

    I knit DD a little shruggy shawl in first clip and silk that she wears all the time — it’s the softest cloud.

    Love the vivid color of your Zetor.

  19. I know the finished scarf is not the look you were trying to achieve, but it is lovely. I adore the colors of the yarn. Mohair can be a tricky fiber. When it is good, it is wonderful, but other times, not so much. I hope you enjoy wearing your warm creation.

  20. Yeah, I’m with you on the mohair. Except for my socks from Moonshine Design that I got at Fiber Twist. So warm and so soft. Not itchy at all.

  21. great heat miser reference! (i’ll have that song in my head all day too now).
    i haven’t used mohair really, mostly because it is so fuzzy and i don’t think i’d like it. your scarf looks warm and cozy though!

  22. Not everyone can love the mo.

    It’s a beautiful shawl on your beautiful daughter.

    Next time, try threats. (Grounding till she’s 30 or something.) Cheaper than bribes. ;^)

  23. The color is great. I have some mo in my stash — haven’t knit with it yet. So, your slogan is “just say no to the mo.”

  24. Gosh, it looks lovely to me. But I know the feeling when your mental image of a project doesn’t measure up. It’s a wonderfully dramatic color!

  25. honestly I’m not a fan of the mo either, but that’s because I am allergic to it. 🙂 The shawl is very pretty though and I’m sure is a nice burst of color on a drab winter day.

  26. yeah, I know what you mean about mohair.
    it sheds.
    it’s so durned fuzzy and impossible to rip back if a stitch gets off somewhere.
    good thing its gorgeous. And I’ll bet that it is stunning over your grey coat 🙂

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