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Furrow Mittens

I finished my 3rd (and probably final) pair of mittens for NaKniMitMo last week. I had originally planned on doing the Postwar Mittens from Twist Collective as my next pair but I was a little colorwork-ed out, you know?

So I went stash diving and found 3 skeins of Cascade 220 just hanging around. I bought those skeins ages ago with the intention of knitting something using all 3 colors but I never knew what it would be.

Enter the Furrow Mittens – another wonderful design by Kirsten at Through The Loops.

Beautiful and warm and functional. Fast to knit and entertaining, too. Everything a mitten should be.

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  1. Lovely! I’m so inspired by these beautiful mittens, I just went and bought the pattern! Can’t wait to make these and Bella’s Mittens for myself!!

  2. happy colors! they look warm before they are on! thanks for the “link”, too! We are at 70 plus degrees(F) today, but I cast on another hat anyway, so there!

  3. Isn’t it great when you find the perfect yarn in your stash! Although that does re-enforce buying yarn that ” I just know I’ll use someday” !Lovely colors & pattern!

  4. The colors us used in these mittens go very nicely together. You make everything looks so easy. I did post some photos of my previous weekend when we had record breaking temps. California winters can at times be as hot as our summers, but the sun is a little kinder. Think of the warm weather to come and perhaps take a look at the photos on my blog. I posted a couple of color filled flower photos.

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