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Monday Already?

Did ya have a good weekend? I mostly did and I have exciting news to report.

I passed papers on my father’s house on Friday! woot!

This was such a relief for me! The whole thing came together in the last week and I knew the closing was scheduled but I was afraid to tell you guys in case I jinxed the whole thing. But now it’s done and I no longer have to worry about heating problems and plumbing problems and all the other issues that go along with a vacant property. Can I get a woo? And also a hoo? Thank you!

The rest of the weekend was spent knitting, hanging out, going to the movies, and watching the Super Bowl. The movie was The Reader and it was very very good. Kate Winslet totally deserves that Golden Globe she won and I wouldn’t be surprised at all if she takes home an Oscar for this performance.

That’s about all I have for this Monday morning. Except this.


Yes, another tulip picture. Love that macro lens!

P.S. Don’t forget that the blogiversary contest ends today at noon. Good luck to everyone who entered!

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  1. I’ll give you a WOO and I’ll give you a HOO too – Congratulaions! It must be a very big relief to not have that worry any longer.

  2. WooHoo!! Congratulations on the closing. We had to do the same last year… now this year have to deal with the capital gain taxes.

  3. You’ll get a Woo and a Hoo from me too!! Geez, I sound like Dr. Suess. Seriously though, that is awesome news!!!

  4. That is wonderful news, things will be so much simpler now. I have come to appreciate a slightly simpler life, with each passing year I appreciate this more and more.

  5. Here’s a whoo-hoo from someone who really knows what this relief feels like! I’m so happy that this stress is finally over for you.
    And happy blogiversary! (I’m just catching up today….)

  6. Wonderful news! What a relief – closure! Can’t wait to see The Reader – alone of course – chick movie!

  7. I LOVE Tulips! Mine are coming up in the garden…and it’s been super cold!
    Congratulations on the great news!! I know that’s a burden off your back.

  8. “De-lurking” to say I just recently found your blog, and I am enjoying it. Happy Blog Birthday! As a fellow New Englander, I have to ask – are you sick of the snow yet?

  9. That’s great! Also, I heard a good review about The Reader this weekend, it’s on my list, together with Defiance, which I really think needs to be seen in the theatre. One of these days…

  10. I’ve been there and know what a relief it is to not be responsible for a parent’s house. The money doesn’t hurt, either. Congrats!

  11. What a huge relief! We owned two houses for several months, and although our previous house sold very fast once we put it on the market — we moved in the dead of winter, and we needed to spruce up the old place before selling it — it was the longest 9 days of my life. Big congrats and a very loud WOO-HOO, I say again, WOO-HOO! for getting this monkey off your back.

  12. A Woo and a Hoo and a How-dee-do!
    What an answer to prayer. Time to kick those boots on the table and crack open a beer (well, later today of course).

  13. woo-hoo! glad you could finally get everything worked out. and thanks for the tulip – a little spring goes a long way in february.

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