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Wordless Wednesday


The bread line at the FDR Memorial. The shape of things to come? Or a look at the past?
(Okay, fine, so I can’t be completely wordless. Big surprise there, eh?)

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  1. That entire memorial is just wonderful. I love the pillar with the negatives and then all the waterfalls. I hope it’s not a sign of the times to come but I do highly recommend people visit the FDR Memorial when they go to DC. (Also, you can usually find parking over that way).

  2. maybe if we paid more attention the lessons of the past ,history wouldn’t repeat itself!

  3. This whole memorial is amazing but that one sculpture is the one that resonated with me the most. I remember having to explain it to our children…something they had trouble understanding. Hopefully, they won’t be learning about it first hand.

  4. I’m determined to believe it’s the past. Only the past….Please only the past?
    And yes, what will be…will indeed be. But I do have hope.

  5. Oh… I hope not a sign of things to come. Perhaps today’s announcement will turn things around? As a conservative, I am always nervous about ‘throwing money’ at problems, but historically this has helped recessions.

    PC and I had a LONG discussion about that memorial on Sunday night. It was our favorite in DC.

  6. what deb said. AWW…
    FDR was an awesome person regardless of what you think of his politics, and deserves a fitting memory.

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