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The Movies!

How about that Oscar show! Did you watch? What did you think? I wasn’t surprised at all that Slumdog Millionaire walked away with the top honors. In fact, most of the awards went the way I predicted. Sean Penn for Milk, Kate Winslet for The Reader, etc.

How about the dresses? I thought Sarah Jessica Parker hit a home run. So did Anne Hathaway and Meryl Streep. And Sean Penn looked classic in all black.

The show itself was better than usual, I thought. Hugh Jackman was a great host and I liked that they took advantage of his musical ability. The new way of presenting the awards was good but I did miss seeing the film clips.

So, what did you think? Let’s hear it.

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  1. I thought it was great. Predictable, but really good. Only thing is that I thought Leo should have been nominated for Revolutionary Road — we saw that on Saturday night – still thinking about it.

  2. For myself, I was appalled watching slumdog. Went with my daughter and we both thought the cruelty to children was terrible. Even haveing babies play the parts was disgusting. Iam old though, so maybe it was just me.

  3. I didn’t see it all, but the dresses were fabulous (what I saw) and there weren’t many surprises. Everyone had beautiful hair, too!

  4. We watched until 10:30 then we taped the rest. (I forgot about a presentation the robotics have this morning and had to prepare. Ugh!) I also liked the new way of presenting the awards and the theatrics of the show. And most of the dresses I saw were amazing!

  5. I didn’t watch the show – I don’t have the patience to sit still that long! But from what I’ve read and seen this morning – looks as if there were no real shocks or surprises??

  6. I caught the Oscars half way through. There was a wonderful vibe about it this year and loved the host. Hope they invite him back.

  7. i half watched. joe took control of the big TV (like he does EVERYNIGHT!) so i had to watch it on a little TV in the bedroom. i thought having previous winners present the actor awards was a lovely idea. since the only movie i’d seen was slumdog i can’t really comment as to whether the winners were deserving (although i did like slumdog).

    the only thing that annoyed the hell out of me was when jennifer aniston was on stage and they kept panning onto brangelina. really? that was necessary? they split up 3 years ago? give it a rest people and move on.

  8. I sat on the bedroom floor right in front of my tv so I wouldn’t wake up hubby. Baby on my lap an all. 🙂 I thought this was an excellent year! I have most of the movies on my “wish to see soon” list, which is unusual for oscar movies of recent years. I laughed, I cried, I drooled over the dresses, but mostly I was in it for Hugh Jackman. 😉

  9. Was inspired (by you!) to make this an event with special foods and drink. We still fell asleep partway through. I’m a sucker for a hoofer like Hugh Jackman, although the end of his episode on Barbara Walters made us cringe. It was all different from previous years and, even though previous years were seriously boring, I kind of miss the way it was. Not sure how I feel about the flavor of the multi-presenter-lauding-the-potential-recipients format. Kind of reminded me of “This is Your Life,” that ancient TV show.

  10. I thought it was pretty dull and I turned it off at 10. There were a few good moments but seemed like the filler just went on and on. I wished I’d seen Philippe Petit, though.

  11. I don’t get terribly into the whole Oscar thing because we are not movie goers, but I caught most of the show last night. Loved Jackman…he’s one of the best ever, I think. I turned off midway through Winslet…I thought she was irritating and expected Mickey whatsis to win Best Actor which I decided I could do without. The clothing this year was a pleasant surprise…most of them looked rather elegant. (Didn’t like Streep’s dress at all.) Who knew Anne Hathaway (that was my college roommate’s name, BTW, so she’s one of my favorites!) could sing?!

  12. I liked the acting presentations, but also missed the clips… when it was sincere, it made the presentation feel very intimate, when it wasn’t sincere, it was awkward.

  13. Overall, I liked it. Missed the clips and kind of got lost during some of the montages. Loved Hugh Jackman. Loved the actor presentations, but agree with Beth — a couple of them did seem a little off. Ben Stiller as Joaquin Phoenix cracked me up.

  14. I love the Oscars, but it they got a little boring. I stuck through till the end though. Hugh Jackman is cute, so he did well. The production was awefull though!

  15. I didn’t watch, which is unusual for me. The hubby and I went bathroom remodel shopping (and you have to take advantage of his willingness when it strikes). I will have to get on InStyle and look at their photos from the red carpet (that’s my favorite part).

  16. I didn’t watch it either, but I looked at the red carpet pictures online. The picture of Sarah Jessica Parker showed her with her hair parted in the middle. I thought she looked a bit ridiculous because of her hair. Beyonce looked fabulous. What a dress!

  17. I found the montage of clips mixing old movies with the nominated ones very confusing, though I did like seeing some of the older stuff. I wish they’d separated them and had clips of older ones first, then announced the nominees, and then had clips of the nominated films.

  18. I tried to watch, but gave in and went to bed. I missed most of the red carpet. I liked the format, though, and Hugh Jackman was great. Loved the bit with Steve Martin and Tina Fey. I haven’t seen most of the movies, but I plan to see more of them.

  19. I watched it all and thought that Hugh Jackman did a great job. Better than usual though i did miss the clips. I thought that having the past winners present the awards like hat with personal appreciation was very nice. The dresses were mostly fantastic. Loved Reese’s edgy choice, not so much Miley’s. The awards went mostly as I expected and I cried when Heath got his. Still so sad.

  20. I watched Hugh’s opening bit and loved it. I think it’s wonderful that people who don’t know how talented he really is got to see him in action. I can’t believe how many people have no clue he can be anything other than Wolf-Boy. What rock are they living under?!

    After that, I went back to watching NCIS because I can do without the tacky displays and such.

  21. I am bummed that Mickey Rourke didn’t win. I thought that would have been the perfect ending to his comeback. I was so happy for Kate Winslet – I LOVE her!

  22. Wish I could have watched. My stupid dumb butt cable company managed to drop my ABC station this weekend so no local news (they’re the only station that still does it) and NO OSCARS!! Waaaaahhhhhh!!!

  23. I didn’t care for the new format. Some of the former winners were quite good in their comments and presentation thereof, some should never have been allowed up there like that. And my husband immediately changes the channel whenever one of the winners makes anymore of a speach than his or her thanks. He (and I have to agree) doesn’t feel like it’s the appropriate forum for political or idealogical comments.

  24. I enjoyed the new format too. I thought Sean Penn was amazing in Milk so I was thrilled that he won best actor, and of course I loved Slumdog Millionaire. A pretty good Oscars all in all.

  25. HUGH JACKMAN! Move over Billy Crystal! I hunkered down to watch the entire extravaganza. Red carpet hour on E! first, then moved to ABC for their red carpet chitchat. Missed the Walter’s interviews for dinner (but have on the DVR), then on to the main event. Nice evening. Dance and music numbers both fun, but I do prefer the original artists singing. I squirmed a bit when Jennifer Aniston was on stage feet away from Brangelina. Winslet was my favorite acceptance speech. Dresses were amazing. Amy Adams so pretty in red. Unlike another commenter, I liked Meryl’s look. Class. Ledger’s parents – great moment. I know it’s all poof and fluff, but I love it anyway.

  26. I watched and enjoyed bits of the red carpet walk/fashion show (Penelope Cruz’ dress — wow! Over the top, but wow!) Hugh Jackman’s great opening number, and bits of the show right after that, but I couldn’t make myself watch more due to knowing Jerry Lewis was all set to receive the Gene Hersholdt Humanitarian Award this year. (Long story, big soap box, but I’ll say this: Most of my disabled peeps hate him with a white hot loathing for his pandering to pity and fear. And he’s not funny, either.) Lovely win for Sean Penn, though.

  27. Loved Hugh Jackman. I don’t find him sexy but he’s really entertaining.

    I loved SJP’s dress but what was the deal with her chest. It GREW!

  28. Sooo pleased about Sean Penn. Loved his acceptance speech too. Penelope’s dress was fab. She is so tiny! She pulled off that vintage number so well (and gets Javier Bardem to boot. Life is so unfair).

  29. This was the first year in a while that I actually enjoyed the Oscars. I liked they way they presented the top awards.

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