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It’s Oscar Time and I’m IN (Sort of)

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Do you remember when I used to be really into The Oscars? And I’d watch all the movies I could, traveling far and wide to see them?


The pandemic changed a lot of things for me and going to the movies was one of those things. After months and months of not being able to go to the theater, I just sort of . . . lost interest in the whole experience. And I sort of lost interest in movies, too. I think I saw 4 of the movies nominated for Best Picture last year, a dismal effort given my previous obsession with seeing all of them.

And, while I’m not here to proclaim that my Oscar mojo is back, I am here to say that I’m feeling some . . . rumblings of excitement about the movies again. I have no plans to go to the theater but I’m here for the streaming services. My comfortable couch with knitting and cats and wine? Sign me up.

Now, if I was really committed to this, I would have started weeks ago but I’m late to the party and only have until Sunday night to complete my quest. Dale and I watched Elvis a while back and this week we have watched Everything Everywhere All At Once and The Banshees of Inisherin. We have plans to watch Top Gun tomorrow night and are counting on a double feature on Saturday for The Fabelmans and Triangle of Sadness and a Sunday matinee for All Quiet on the Western Front. I may try and squeeze Women Talking (I did read the book back when it was new) and Tar in on my own. That leaves only Avatar and it’s off the table since we aren’t going to the movie theater.

I guess 30 some-odd years of Oscar watching isn’t so easy to give up on after all.

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  1. I watched All Quiet on the Western Front yesterday and 5 minutes in was ugly crying. (Not conducive to working counted cross stitch on 18-count fabric.) Be sure you have tissues nearby.

  2. I watched The Banshee’s some months ago… and I really enjoyed it. It is brilliant! And I watched Women Talking yesterday (it is free for just 5 days on Amazon Prime) and thought it was well done. I have All’s Quiet in my Netflix queue, but have not sat down to watch as yet!

    I think your weekend viewing plans sound perfect! XO

  3. I am just not into the Oscar-stuff anymore at all. Which is a very surprising pandemic outcome that, as it turns out, I’m okay with. As it turns out, I’ve seen most of the movies up for the awards this year (some of them twice even), but I … ummmm … just don’t care about – and probably won’t even watch – The Oscars. I’m glad you’re finding your way back to the movie thing, Carole! Enjoy! 🙂

  4. I saw Banshees, Women Talking, All’s Quiet, and Top Gun but am not making any effort to see others. I can’t believe that Top Gun has been nominated; it’s a fun movie but not Best Picture material. Have fun watching and enjoy the popcorn and snacks!

  5. When I was poor, I started subbing books for movies on the basis of cost per hour of enjoyment. That’s not a issue these days but my friends usually go with their spouse so I’ve just drifted away almost entirely. Obviously, that makes the Oscars far less interesting. I think Covid might have sealed the deal. But I hope you enjoy your movie marathon and Oscars!

  6. I’ve only seen Elvis and Top Gun. I’d like to see a few others before OSCAR night, but time is running out!! I’ll watch the awards… award shows (the big ones) are pretty high up on my list of guilty pleasures!

  7. I can’t tell you the last time I was in a theatre and, you probably know, I’m not a big movie person. I get antsy and itchy and always would rather be doing something else (except for Out of Africa!). And, I don’t enjoy the award shows. I think back in the day (decades ago) they were good – good hosts, fun outfits, etc. Now they just bore me. But, it sounds like you have a fun balance of the week and weekend lined up for you and Dale – enjoy!!

  8. I had to read All Quiet on the Western Front for 10th grade world history class and was so traumatized by it that I don’t think I want to watch the movie! I do plan on watching Banshees and Women Talking. I hope you enjoy all of the movies!

  9. I’d say you’re back with bells on! I had little interest in movies before the pandemic and now it’s even less. I have heard wonderful things about Women Talking and I will probably make plans to see whatever wins Best Picture. I always enjoyed the Red Carpet beforehand … and that still stands!

  10. I used to not see most of the nominated movies before the ceremony just because I didn’t go to the movies often, but now that things are more available through streaming, it seems like it should be easier. “Seems” being the operative word there because I still haven’t seen any of the nominated movies! Perhaps this weekend we’ll manage a couple of them.

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